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This Gets More And More Bizarre

My art, apparently as related to this “Art4Love” dude, was featured in an article about him.

The article is titled “New York Multimedia Pop Artist Insures His Own Nuts.”

(Boy, THAT was a take-down-my-art letter I didn’t expect to write today…)

If one chases the sock-puppet defending him on the article, it goes to where it kindly lists yet another phone number for Chad the multi-media artist. All the other numbers are either shunting directly to what I’ll guess is a very very full voice mail, but this one gets me a busy signal, so perhaps I’ll keep trying it.

Tsk, tsk. This thing’s like a hydra. You stomp five heads and there’s another one left…


ETA: Mad props to the staff at the Campus Socialite, who got back to me in under ten minutes and promised to pull everything and edit the article—they were just as outraged as you’d expect them to me. I’ve actually granted them permission to use the art with appropriate credit if it’ll help illustrate the issue (pun intended.)

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Yep. He needs EVERYTHING insured after the artists get through with him!

Does it matter? He's ruined one thing that can't be insured - his credibility. Nobody will buy anything from him unless they watch him paint it, from blank canvas to finished art, so they know they're really buying a Chad Love piece.

Their edits make the article far funnier.

So true. And you can almost hear them going "rackmfrackmsonofa" as they go through the article.

Why do I forsee a testicle related injury in his future?

He's likely to need money for court somehow...

Yeah, he's probably gonna be facing legal action against him soon - alexiuss has found out that a decent amount of his own work was stolen from this guy, and he's trying to get the money to put up a lawsuit against him:

Did the image have a caption with your name and website before? I hope that's not their attempt to make you go away!

No, it did not--that's the staff there, with permission, linking back to try and give some credit to the artists so ripped. They were very good about it, and I'm totally pleased with the resolution.

Would it be a bad idea to put a note at the front of that connects to the artwork mentioned on Campus Socialite? As I see it, if somebody sees it there and happens to like it, it would be nice to make it easy for them to buy it from you.

(Or, in more avaricious terms, I think you should take advantage of the free advertising.)

(Deleted comment)
Except Granito, reprehensible as his stuff is/was, at least did something with the art he stole. (Namely, he copied it. But he didn't just sell it on as-is.)

(Deleted comment)
Waiting for the edit to the title: New York Internet Fraudster Insures His Own Nuts.

With the edits, it's a great article!
Yup, he's going to get a massive karma sledgehammer to the nuts.

Y'know, I'm in art school right now, and I've been getting weird looks from people when I admit that I don't have any kind of online portfolio. But frankly, this stuff is making me pretty glad that I don't...

BTW, art4love is still up, just hosted in a different place -

maybe Kevin can help track it down?

Oh dear lord, they have one of Julie Bell's Dixon's* pieces on the front page now.

*I always do that, dammit.

Edited at 2011-08-17 09:00 pm (UTC)

I just wish that he didn't fail English too. I mean, it's even more insulting when the fakeass title he gives the piece he stole doesn't even make sense. "All Most Home"? Come on.

I'm about to post to encourage my friends to take a look, and identify any pieces they can, and notify the artist.

If that isn't bad enough, a few pages down there's a picture of Gotham City's Dark Knight, titled "Fat Man."

Somehow, I don't think that'll protect him from DC Comics' lawyers. Neither will re-naming the Supergirl ones "Super Chick."

Their shiny new website has a prominent phone number on it. I am so tempted to call them in order to chew them out.

I wonder if it's possible to inform visa and mastercard of his fraudulent business practice. You hurt 'em when you cut the revenue stream.

FWIW, here is the tracker site he was using for art4love:

The entire website reads like a New York minute shyster huckster smoke and mirrors sales pitch..... there's a lot of photos of 'projects' there... I wonder of Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan know that they're one of the firm's happy clients..

hurmnmm I also wonder if anyone has told HGTV that they're endorsing this freak

Edited at 2011-08-17 09:33 pm (UTC)

I tried to tell HGTV, but who knows how much they'll care.

Wow, this is just...specialtacular.

I am reminded of the Shmorky (of Purple Pussy fame) vs Tod Goldman (david and goliath, or "boys are stupid throw rocks at them" guy)

He also had
many other examples and was obviously profiting immensely stealing willy-nilly from the internet, but the Shmorky case where he tried to put up an exact panel from the comic and sell it for thousands as a lithograph or whatever is what brought everyone's attention to it.

He's still at it, stealing designs from Threadless users.

ETA link:

Edited at 2011-08-18 04:15 am (UTC)

His book is plagiarized, too. I posted a brief comparison here:

Excellent! Too bad it looks like it takes so long to tell Norton about this:

His book looks to be self-published.

With Apologies To KISS

You want this print, baby, oh so bad,
it's not the only one I've ever had,
But if if you wonder why it's not free,
I need to charge a plagiarism fee --

They call me (Art 4 Love)
They call me "Art 4 Love" (Art 4 Love)
I stole that piece you're thinkin' of....

Re: With Apologies To KISS

<3 !

What a phoney, what a failure, what a ridiculous waste of skin and oxygen. Can't believe the idiot thought he could get away with this... One has to wonder if he insured his testicles just so he could prove he had them; I mean, talk about compensating much? Whew.

Well, he's insured against The Boots, I guess.

There's an article about him on yahoo news too at

I mention this because the article does not mention the man is a complete fraud, but does refer back to the campus socialite article (including link. Bwahahaha.)

It's not a news article. It's a press release from the company itself.

For concerned artists...

You can still see the entire Art4Love site if you use the IP (, and if you're checking for your work, be advised that the genre list on the side is meaningless - you'll have to check all of it.

For instance, 'still life' is almost entirely figures.

Damn, not that my stuff is great, but now I'm kinda glad I never made a deviant art account.

I tracked down a couple of the other artists and alerted Campus Socialite.

"Thanks for the info! Post has been updated to reflect archanN's art. The last one I'm going to wait on until we find an official artist, but feel free to keep me updated if you discover more. And those edits were my pleasure. Guy looks like a complete doucher anyway, fraudulence notwithstanding.

--Matt, Editor-in-Chief"

"Today, that website is the new, an online resource devoted to the sale of canvas art products and other creative wall arts. At, online shoppers can find most anything and everything, from fashion canvas arts to music canvas arts and feature DNA canvas arts. Plus, carries a wide range of clever canvas wall arts, created by a group of artists that dropped their name to create the first creative canvas art brand “Art4Love”. "

( )

So in some sources he's admitting the art isn't his but that the artists agreed to not put their names on their works?? This guy is a real CASE

There is no tree high enough for this man to be hung from.

Since we're on the topic of art and permission and stuff, I sent you an e-mail a couple of weeks ago but it probably got eaten by the inbox monster given that I sent it when you were still out of town.

Quick question--is it ok if I get your drawing of the Ganesh statue in Digger as a tattoo?

Absolutely! Send me a photo when it's done--I'd love to see it!

(Deleted comment)

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