That was one of the most badass things I've ever read. XDDD

THIS is why I keep considering the fact I should start playing. Its ALL YOUR FAULT!

The husband's comment involved two things:

1) Why does it always have to be intrepid adventurers?
2) Is there a hose involved?

He was rather disappointed when I told him no on the second one, pointing out that it puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it get... you get the idea.

Oh, we got all those jokes out last week, believe me.

You have no idea how hard I just laughed!

Also, YAY FIZZGIG! Yay the Dark Crystal!

Why have you not yet turned your DnD sessions into a podcast? I would soooo love to listen to that.

Oh, WELL played! My WoW Paladin that I play the most salutes you! With a baby netherdrake on her head.

PALADIN: Seriously? Evil hand lotion? Are you guys sure you don’t want to come back and try again? Maybe something with a little dignity this time?

Hey, the mind-control shampoo almost worked for Dr. Drakken...

I seem to recall it DID work for the Brain! (It's a pity that Pinky gave it to all the critics that were going to review the show he created to fund the shampoo's production...)

These posts have single-handedly made me wanna get into DnD. Because anything with the potential to be this fantastic has to be good. :)

Where you go, I'll follow. *laugh* Nick used to play RPGs all the time, but I've never been interested until I started reading Ursula's. But we don't know anyone else who would be slightly interested in playing with us. (The parents? Bahahahahaha!!!)

You're lucky the GM didn't decide this was the perfect time to have the bad guy absorb the evilness of the molten hand lotion and turn into a very powerful (but ultimately short-lived due to the being-on-fire) monster. };)

. . . from both the perspective of being an RP player AND a GM . . . I salute you!

Creativity is the Spice of Game.

Kinda reminds me of a gaming session where we were in a cave system, being attacked by a bunch of incorporeal undead. They kept hiding in the walls, so we couldn't hit them. The cleric of the party (my wife - gods I love that woman) pulls out one of the off-brand D20 books (EVIL or UNDEAD) and asks the GM a philosophical question ("Would a spell that is considered an act of evil because you are using it on unwilling targets still be evil if used on a willing target?" Answer ended up being a no.. why?") See, Naomi (my wife) had taken a feat chain that not only made it uncomfortable for undead to be near her, but also caused positive energy backlash whenever one tried to attack or drain her. The spell she was asking about was called "Undead Magnet" or "Undead Attractant", I think. The name really says it all. She cast it on herself, and compelled the undead to come out and attack her. Repeatedly. We thus dubbed her the Undead Bug Zapper.

Dayum. If I ever decided to play RPGs again, I'd want it to be with your group. None of the ones I was involved with ever got half that creative!

That is pure comedy adventure GOLD! :D

I want a gaming group that creative!

Dang, I might have to do long distance D&D. It never occurred to me that in this day and age we could, like, skype or something.

...because the last games I was playing with my gang were on MUs in the mid 90s. Oops.

This whole transcript is, of course, vastly entertaining.

I'm now having flashbacks to a long-ago college D&D campaign known as Raiders of the Temple of the Last Crusade, which contained the memorable GM quote, "No, you may NOT put the Ark of the Covenant in a Bag of Holding!"

Also, my girlfriend's character got caught by... gah, what was the vampire's name in that old Ravensloft module back when it was a tiny booklet instead of a major franchise? Anyway, while he was hauling her off -- this was a live face-to-face session -- she spontaneously filked a witty and insulting song mocking him to the tune of Peter S. Beagle's "Debauched and Depraved."

Should have written down. Should. But the internet didn't quite exist yet, at least in our neck of the woods, so we didn't know we'd be wanting to post it somewhere, someday.

Edited at 2012-11-27 07:16 am (UTC)

Hilariously, the plot behind that crappy Catwoman film is evil face makeup... :D

the Tim Burton Batman also has the Joker dealing with evil cosmetics. What a difference a director makes.

Hmmm.... Aren't demons fire-proof and do not need to breath?

If so, there's a not so happy camper, with ultra smooth and moisturized hide, about to do a "Jaws" number in the not to distant future.

Demons, separate creatures from Devils, are not actually immune to fire in D20. They are fire resistant (first ten points of fire damage of an attack are ignored) but a huge amount of fire damage will still scorch their tail. Demons also do need to breathe. This, and most other facts about the game, can (of course) be hand-waived away by the GM under the Penny Arcade Rule "It's MAGIC, Damnit!"

Reminds me of a session where our party was supposed to infiltrate a castle full of bad guys and retrieve the Thing. Thing is, on our way in, the dragon running the show flew over and we attacked. We were getting slaughtered (surprise!) when our mage cast some sort of freeze/paralysis on the dragon while it was pretty high up. Tons of fall damage later, we put it out of its misery, leaving the place entirely defenseless. GM was less than pleased.


Suddenly fourth edition seems that much more appealing.

That's an excellent use of mechanics. I salute you.

Tonight, in my Changeling: The Lost game, we, uh.. we nuked the magical realm that lies between the real world and Faerie. It made sense at the time. We're not sure if the explosion will stay contained in that realm or spill over into the real world (the boundaries are very thin at the moment.. which is part of the cause of our current problem), because our GM ended the game right when the bomb was set to go off.

If it does spill over, we just saved approximately 1/3 of the population of the city from slavery by a True Faerie.. by killing god-knows how many of them in a nuclear blast.

To be fair, death by nuke is probably a lot better of a way to go.

Damn. That's better than the time our (stationary) party encountered sleeping dragons.

("...the snoring's getting LOUDER!")

My +5 Hat of Dashingness is off to the badassery of your Paladin.

Reading things like this make me sooo want to play again. Playing over Skype? I like that idea!

Oh very well played! Talk about using the rules to your advantage. Well done Fizzgig.

I just spit water all over my laptop.
thankfully no damage was taken.
Well played.


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