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Moth names are just delightful.


And I don't know what's so horrid about that one either, unless it's larger than my two hands put together or something.

Maybe the person who chose the name felt he had to name it after his professor or something (hence the Zale part), and the name was really a passive-aggressive way of saying that Professor Zale was horrid, not the moth. Although in that case I'm not sure how he could have explained the adjective to Zale without the latter figuring out what was really going on, unless Zale was extraordinarily gullible, pompous, and/or stupid. Perhaps it's supposed to be horrid as in spine-tingling or terrifying, which I suppose a pale green moth could be if it suddenly flitted at you in the moonlight.

But surely the word you're looking for in that situation is "awesome" unless that's just me.

I think I can die happy knowing that somewhere in the world is a moth named the Alien Probole.

They are glorious moths, wonder why they are mostly green ones this time. Do the variety vary from week to week or are you just listing the new ones and the old ones are still visiting?

Off topic but I got my copy of Digger this week and it is utterly amazing :D

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