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Bat of Affirmation

It's a craptastic week here. I think perhaps I need this bat.

All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

Hope the bat helps... and if you end up resorting to the application of the base-ball type directly to whatever's bothering you? I'm quite sure you were wandering through my back yard in Ontario whenever it is you're alleged to have been pummelling someone, and I will so state if necessary.

Friends who will provide alibis are the best friends.

I may have to print this post out and hang it on my mirror....I need the reminder too this week :D

I would also like to print this little buddy out and put him up to encourage me. May we, Ursula?

Love the bat. Hope your week improves.

Thank you, it helped here.

Good thought, and the bat probably lives near the bells of Norwich.

Ah, it's been ages since I heard that song.

*pops in the Gordon Bok rendition*

Thank you.

(Deleted comment)
oh honey, i adore you <3

Julian of Transylvania, clearly.

Lovely. :)

A loving and peaceable little fellow, and I hope your week--and month, and year!--improves posthaste!

and it appears as soon as I commented.

*hug* Hope things get better.

(Deleted comment)
Turn that frown upside down! Or right side up! Or something.


Can we adopt our very own All Will Be Well Bat from you? I would be much better at coping with my life with such a little printed friend to keep me company!

Once I get a set of four, I'll try to work out prints on little cards.

Never set the bat on fire
To tighten up your average.
The press are certain to inquire
What made you act so damage.
Remember that it isn't that
They mean when they say "flaming bat"...
No, never set the bat on fire.

Ttto "Never Set the Cat on Fire" by Frank Hayes
From "An Abecedarium of Noninflammanda", by yours truly

That is a fine bat. (Cup of tea icon because, who knows, it might help.)

Greenbat is lovely. May your week improve massively, may your foes all come down with explosive diarrhea, and may mysterious kindnesses wait for you around every turn.

"May your foes come down with explosive diarrhea" is a lovely sentiment!

Sorry to hear you're having a bad week; I hope next week will be much better!

Please tell me these will be available as prints or cards or something. Especially this one!

Things are feelin meh here in the Wild West, too. Tiredness, lame feelings, and bad dreams abound. Need this fella this week. Thanks.

I like this one the best so far. He's great.

"All will be well"
This is heartening, and alleviates the surprise that the bat did not say "Hang in there". :-)


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