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Freeze Warning

Tomorrow night we are supposed to get a hard freeze, and I want to go out and fling myself over the garden and yell "NOOOOOOO!" Everything is sprouted! Things have bloomed! The barrenwort flowered! I planted tender things!

Spring is unkind to the delicate nerves of the gardener.

How many space heaters would it take to heat the outdoors?

I am very ignorant about gardening, so you've probably thought of this, but would some warm water and a tarp be of help at all?


Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Tarp+horse manure might work as well...

I am going to rush home from work and start the work of covering all my delicate sprouts, flowers, and buds. I've got baby trees, vegetables, vines. They'd have been fine if they hadn't started to bud out.

I've had good luck running Christmas lights on our apple tree when it does the weird warm/hahahaha just kidding. Might try that for your baby trees.

Yeah, I'm not transplanting my fava beans until after Sunday, when it's supposed to get down in the mid-20s. I figure if I transplant on Monday, there's a whole week of comparatively mild weather for them to build up strength and cold tolerance, at the very least.

Didn't Robert Frost say "April is the cruelest month"?

Are you saying your barrenwort might become ... barren?


AZ is at the start of a heatwave. 94 today, expected 97 tomorrow. Maybe we can ship you some of that?

I once took an entire box

of plastic garbage bags and covered my plants. It worked!

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We're still under a foot of snow up here in Boston. What is this concept you speak of, of "green growing things"? I remember a story about that once....

You got all our snow this year, sorry about that!

Covering everything in plastic should work, but that would be a whole lot of plastic or garbage bags.

throw some old sheets over it all..

Yes indeedy! I have bundles of fleece protective stuff ready at strategic points in the garden, to fling over tender things at the threat of frost.

I could be wrong about this, but I heard that if one piles on quality mulch over the plants and covers said piles with plastic, it might protect them and keep unwanted "visitors" away from the garden.

Also might keep unwanted alternative fertilizer/watering system away from the garden, too (but, as I started the post, I could be wrong.)

It works a lot better with dormant plants! With plants that have already leafed out and are growing...well, that's how you kill weeds.

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