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I went to a protest at RDU today.

It was fine. Just...strange. We waved signs. We chanted. We admired each other's signs. We massively exceeded the numbers they expected to show up and the protest was eventually dispersed.

"There's one planned for April 15th," people told me. And I thought "It's not even February. It's been a WEEK. April is a thousand years away. I don't believe this can last until April 15th. I don't know if I believe it'll last until March."

We live in very, very strange times, and they are happening faster than I ever thought possible.

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Well, let's see. I donate 10% of the royalties on one of my books to Bat Conservation, support my local food pantry, just did a fundraiser that raised $800 for the International Rescue Committee, and take a 50% cut on royalties for all of my books that go to book fairs for school children. Last year, I divided out dozens of plants in my garden for a native pollinator garden run by school children, which of course I donated for free.

In November, another art fund raiser put together $1000 for Planned Parenthood and $220 for the ACLU. (Which is, frankly, on my readers, not on me, and I am honored to have them supporting such causes.)

Also, my day job is writing and illustrating children's books for reluctant readers, which are available in multiple languages. I donate the author copies of the foreign language editions to libraries and ESL programs.

...Just sayin'.

(GAH I hate saying stuff like that out loud. Everybody else, look away. I am a believer that charity is private and shouldn't be, y'know, used to score points unless somebody's REALLY asking for it. My lapsed Catholic guilt is twinging.)

It's okay to say it out loud. This guy seems to think that we are put on this earth to agree with whoever is in power, and we simply don't. And it's not because of his grammar and vocabulary, though those are lacking. And it's not because of his lack of pleasing personality, or his inability to not insult pretty much everyone around him. It's because what he's doing is Objectively Wrong.

As an aside, I just want to tell you guys that seeing you at Arisia was the thing that my husband and I needed, because we've been dealing with Serious Illness and Family Division at the same time as This Election, and oh my god did I need to laugh.

So thank you for being you, and helping me be me.

If it helps any, I read that and went "...daaaaaamn, I need to step up my game."

So maybe see it as providing inspiration not bragging?

The garden bit is ultra-cool! *hi-5s*
They market the books as for "reluctant readers"? ...good grief, I think they're just awesome as they are, and also a good stepping stone to novels-without-pictures. (I used comic books for that, as a wee kid.)

You awesome.


I recently had someone tell me that instead of posting about conservation on the internets, that I should " stop whining and try doing something constructive instead".


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