Goddammit! Now I have another world of yours to make space for in my head!

This is an aeseom idea... I could see it being a set of simple illustrated books. An Illustrated child-type book for adults. Only you could pull it off Ursula!

And my friends think I am odd!

Tan Tan Tanuki no kintama wa
Kaze mo nai no ni
Bura bura bura

I immensely enjoy your ramblings.

This is fantastic. I can really see this being huge. ;-}

This is marvelous.

*Gathers up her knitting needles, studies up more on textile dyes, scurries off to apply*

"a plump middle-aged human woman of great personal warmth, who can speak for hours about the properties of textile dyes."

I would probably get bored with the subject after about 30 seconds, but other than that, she sounds lovely.

"from engaging conversation to erotic yo-yo,"


I'm not sure what this says about me, but I can't help but think "This place must have a glorious kitchen."

Well clearly. Do you have any idea how many glutons there are in the universe?

that is gorgeous.

Brief suggestion - gotta have a landing area for the aerial folk to arrive.

Trust one of those darn gryphons to think of that. ;p

I love your description - delightful and magnificent in the truly large sense of the word.

Damnit, I even made a mental note to do that, and then I got sidetracked with the Bay-kok and the Door...

this is fantabulous. You've taken an idea many would have played as a parody, a strictly comic-relief idea, and turned it to something meaningful

Not merely meaningful -- LYRIC.

I'd absolutely love to see more of this, in any form, but I just wanted to say that I feel the imaginative scenery of the world is made better with the sharing of this :D Thank you.

And of course there would have to be pleasures for the furry folk as well ranging anywhere from simple scratch-behind-the-ears pleasures to weird mid-shapeshift practices. Can't wait to read and see more!

You've blown Lady Callahan's place away. :)

phaugh, are you kidding? Lady Sally probably has a special doorway to this place, and they compare notes on a regular basis.

Mr. Gaiman, your services are no longer required.


I wouldn't go quite that far. I'll still read anything Mr. Gaiman writes.

I just find it a little appalling that I can get here, for free, *every single day*, better fantasy writing than I can buy at any price in bookstores.

Ursula, I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. Thank you for every single memetic gem you scatter so freely from your hands.

Please write more. I know it's silly to say that, when you already have so much painting and drawing and illustrating to do--but please write more. I love reading your work.

This is fabulous. It truly is.

Icon love! Yay umbrella cockatoos!

I've been following the development of this idea and I'm truely loving the picture you are painting in my head.

Suggestion on my part: is there room somewhere for those who like to expose themselves for kicks? Some ideas about that popped up when I read your story about the papery structures.

Somehow all I'm seeing is a bunch of people sitting around relaxing in one of the main rooms, and suddenly a naked man runs through whooping.

Client #1: "What was THAT?"
Client #2: "Regularly scheduled flasher. Must be six o'clock already."
Client #1: "Ah."

I suspect some kinks are hard to schedule around.

Wow... Yes that is gorgeous.

This CERTAINLY merits more attention, and I for one would be seriously willing to buy any book/eZine/illustrations for this one.
I think the chain-peacock hall especially sticks in the visual memory.

I suspect that whatever's behind The Door actually exists partly in Gearworld. At least, there must be some way for the steamjacks et al to get here...

If you actually make this a shared setting, I would love to write for it.

Er. Or maybe I'll write about the 'fairy' faerie brothel on the other side of the woods. What you know, and all.

A suggestion (with some profanity):

The place probably has its own guards - to ensure the peace. They might be an interesting bunch. (What kind of a fantasy fighter works for a brothel?)
Their motto might be a saying a friend of mine invented: "If you f*ck with us... you'll f*ck with the best!"

Hell, some of the girls could easily do that, too. Especially the ones from behind the Door.

"some of the girls"... Is there a sister establishment to Grandmother's House that offers male prostitutes? Or perhaps one that there's a long-running (friendly) rivalry with. Or Grandmother might have a few fairy catamites in her stable...

(mmm, stable. Anyone want to do some pony-play with the kelpies? And then there's that one kelpie who comes every few weeks, with his mildewy coins, who wants to be bridled and just very quietly ridden around the forest trails by a pretty young maiden, of whatever species is free that evening.)

Is there another House for those who want a rest from perpetual sex?

Hopefully your own house can be used for that!

Dicea sent me... I love you.

Out of all of those terrific images, I have to say that the one that stuck with me the most are the peacocks with chains for tails.

I need to try drawing this...

And I thought you were cool before...

This is *great*.


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