Yay for Red Firefly stories! :)


That is wonderfull and amazing, and if I wasn't already madly in love with yout work I would be now.



Gave me chills... oh dear..

SO wonderful!

And this all needs to be a book that I will buy for EVERYONE!

Would probably work well in a single binding with Little Creature. :-> Depending on length there might be room for a third ...


Reminds me of the bathouse in "Spirited Away". Then again, so does everyhting, now.

*applause* That was so cool. And so adorable as well! D'aw, the liddle squash-god and his "meeble." A blushing squash...it's so cute...

must... have...pictures!!! *meeble*

(Deleted comment)
Oooh, marvelous! One for the Memories. :D

This was so sweet!

Hope you don't mind proofreaders, but I did spot "idily rubbing his fingertips together" - you probably mean idly, if I didn't miss a pun?

Your icon made me laugh.
I have a friend who complains viamently about "pwned". I'll have to show him this.

I really like this one.

Almost brought tears to my eyes, strangely enough.


it did that to me too! there's something so wistful about her wish to please, and knowing she found her place, and... the way hedgehogs like her, I think. :)

This was so fantastic! Gentle and lovely with just a little bite underneath. Love it.

You need to start a new genre.

Adult picture books.

And not "adult" in that way. Themes, not straight out porn.

Agreed. I was just thinking how much I would enjoy owning this, if it existed as a book.

That was fantastic! I'm putting this in my memories, so I can re-read it again in a few months. (I judge how good writing is by its re-readability, and I'm not kidding when I say your quality is up there with Terry Pratchett, as far as I'm concerned.)

Absolutely *awesome*.

You always make writing so easy, I could be jealous-- but I'm consistently too amazed and delighted to give in to that feeling. :-)
Thank you for a great tale!

Awwww... absolutely wonderful.

I love it. I'd buy a Red Fireflies anthology. :)

Seconded by a million! I'm so glad you wrote more about the House! This was very, very enjoyable.

Awww. Thaz sweet. :) I have to ask: is your novel anything like this? (In style, that is.)

Alas, no. Well, I don't think so. I wrote it, I think, before I really established my voice as such, so you can see the beginnings of the style, though.

One of these day's you're going to have to get all these nifty stories together into a book- you reallze that, right? I would totally buy it.

The mental image of cadres of hedgehogs following her with tiny gifts and flowers in their quilles is too adorable for words!

The story is so delightfull.


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