I adore your writing. It's like you paint with words and feelings. Honestly, every time I read anything you write, I get shivers at certain sections, which I must then reread about three times. Only one other writer does that for me, and that's Tolkien. You, madam, are wonderful.

That's an amazing story, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

Yes thank you. That was beautiful.

Also, if you do decide to open the House up to other contributors, I would love to write a few people in it. Especially if I might add into the mix Orchid House, a brother establishment a few days, months, or seasons journey away.


hey... speaking of long passed stories what ever happened to Sings-to-trees and Celadon Toadstool?

I still don't know. It hasn't quite come together yet (not like I have a lot of free writing time anyway...)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *bounce!*

Are there other links to the wonderful stories for those of us who do not have DA memberships?

House of Red Fireflies bears a slight resemblance to Lady Sally McGee's house (Spider Robinson's books). Sounds like one of those places that people find if they need to be there :)

NOT making silly noises about copying and such, just noting that you both seem to have tapped the same archetype.

I thought of that myself. McGee's house struck me as more of a sci-fi flavor, while this is more of a fantasy/mythology sort of flavor, but there are definitely parallels.

And I love these stories! They are wonderful.

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I really think the House fo the Red Fireflies should stay all you, and be some sort of short story anthology. I really enjoy these.

Your writing is amazing. I want to know more about the House of Red Fireflies.

oh, that's fabulous :D

Three cheers for the scholar of ancient languages :D

If you would open this world up and let us play, I would be grateful. If you choose not to do so, I will still be thrilled to see more. Win win, with lots of glee.

Thank you for this. You have the knack for capturing my imagination and feeding it tidbits so it follows willingly.

Oh, this was beautiful. I feel like there's something very bittersweet about your golem girl, still waiting. And, for some reason, it makes me very happy that that fish is thriving in his pond.

That was lovely.

I love how you throw in little details that hint at whole stories beyond the one you're telling.

I'll second (or third or fourth or whatever) the notion of a book of short stories with these snippets!

...it was killing the god with the beer bottle, wasn't it?

I have always loved the House of Red Fireflies since you first started throwing out ideas of it. Between the stunning imagery of the house itself to the little funny details about who comes for what to the dangerous underbelly that's also there to the way the character's are crafted so elegantly through the back story given... It's an amazing world and I would love to see someone do more with it, whether it's your or others.

I support the notion of a book of short stories about this world, though I don't think you necessarily have to write them all. Your worlds are intricate and inviting as they spark the imagination, yet I understand perfectly why so many of them aren't open. They're delicate and, well, yours. No one else gets to tromp through your house without approval, why should anyone else tromp through your worlds?

But hey, if you can't share in a whorehouse, you're probably doing it wrong.

Either way, I would love to see more of the House of Red Fireflies.

On a note specific to the story, I love the Golem Girl. She's... creepy in the way she's so inhuman, yet also sympathetic in tending to other creature's needs. Though one must ask, if everyone has needs, why does she pick some needs and not others? Is it those who need most strongly that draw her? Or is it something in her which allows her to pick what need to fulfill? It's a fun question to think about the silent golem girl.

How does she pick which needs to fill?

I kind of think of it as, she does the things that a person/plant/animal really, truly NEEDS her to. It seems like, most often, the 'needs' people are most vocal about aren't really 'needs' at all; they're 'wants'. Sometimes it's when we need something the most that we can't communicate it vocally. Perhaps she understands this better because she herself can't communicate vocally. Those who can say exactly what they need are capable of getting someone else to do it; they don't need her. The ones that can't, though, need the golem girl and her expertise. She doesn't waste her time with people who don't need her, because there are too many people that do.

At least, that's the way I see it. Oh, and this was lovely, beautifully written. My dad introduced me to the works of Elizabeth Moon, David Weber, and Lois McMaster Bujold when I was eleven (the Babysitters Club just wasn't cutting it anymore)and honestly, you are just as good a writer as any of them. And I'm picky about what authors I like.

P.S. By the way, Ursula, I find the timing of this post interesting. Just a few hours ago, I was re-reading that story you wrote about Myra and Rail and the Threnodox mage, and I was wondering if you were going to do more with any of the stories you were working on back then. 'Cause, you know, you OBVIOUSLY don't have enough to do. Heh.

That was just....awesome!
I actually have a character I created for a comic I read which is on hiatus who would be perfect in the House. She's a snake spirit (of course, because I'm obsessed with snakes). I thought her up before I got my baby, so she's a New World Sunbeam Snake spirit and not a corn snake spirit. But she is way awesome.

"Is there a scholar of ancient tongues in the house?"
There were three.

laughed... out... loud...

<3 the House of Red Fireflies... lots and lots

what about your other story of the girl locked in her own brain in the nunnery who was really an assassain and something about tattoos? (am I even remembering it right?)

"...the girl locked in her own brain in the nunnery who was really an assasin and something about tattoos?"

I totally laughed hard core at that statement. :-D
I think it was the "something about tattoos part that just struck me as really hilarious. Haha.


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I want to read in this world forever and ever! Hopefully by you. It would sell! It would!

Thanks -- you shook loose a story of mine, and I wrote the beginning.

Then again -- the beginning is in second person.

there are no words to say how much i adore your House of Red Fireflies stories.

Well, your almost permission was enough for me to run off and write something. If you ever decide to make it actual permission, I'll post it somewhere online.

This is violently publishable, beautiful work.

You're probably way ahead of the game on me in that score, but if you need any submission guidelines for magazines, I have a List.

The tone of the writing reminds me of A Stone in a Shoe, by Greg Stolze, which is another story I really like.

I think that's the core thing I can say about this story: I am jealous that I wasn't the one to write it.

Very well done.

Much the same applies to Digger, thinking about it, although one of the things I love about Digger is that it's not a story I'd think of - so I could never have written it, and the characters are worlds away from being the folks who pop out of my head. I vastly approve of this.

I have a fried who could use that list...


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