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Well...uh...err...it seems terribly immodest to mention this, but what the heck...

I've been asked to be one of the guests of honor at next years Midwest Furfest! Wooo!

MFF was the first convention I ever went to, and it was really a great experience--everyone was SO nice and helpful and friendly that it really put me at ease about doing this whole convention thing. So I'm delighted to get to go back--money is preventing me this year, alas, but as a GoH, that won't an object for 2004. So I'm jazzed. (Particularly since I was sent my very favorite glass, with a wombat and the label "Vombatus ursinus" AND a teeny little froggy, as a bribe some time ago, and I was very sad I couldn't make Furfest this year. 'Cos man, I love that glass.)

So hey, if a year and some change from now, you're in Chicago, come by!

This reminds me that I really gotta put up a convention schedule on my website...
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