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Today I finished the 50th page of Digger! Woo! I feel strangely celebratory.

I also finished another cover and another one of these splash illos for the animation guys. So it was productive. However, what I really wanted to share was a follow up!

Remember http://www.livejournal.com/users/ursulav/100953.html ?

Well, the reply finally rolled in!

| At Fri Oct 31 01:18:16 2003
| Meanie <pailpanther@yahoo.com>
| ()
| IP#:
| Referring to: ursula/cerberusmusic.jpg
| "whatever its still ugly and you cant draw well at all
| LOSER!!!!!!"

I don't know what gets me more--that vicious, butter-knife sharp wit, or the fact it took 'em six days to come up with that...

The amount of joy I derive from things like this is undoubtedly wrong. But I'm okay with that.
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