UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Slice of life:

Me: Hey, is this a new CSI?
James: Well, if you'd stop playing Rogue, you could watch and find out...
(expectant pause)
Me: Whoa...I have a scroll of identify?!
James: (throwing hands in the air) You win!
Me: (long pause) Huh? What? Wha? It's a scroll of identify! Err...what do I win?
James: You win. You're the king of the geeks.
Me: Woo!

I gotta stop playing Rogue. But...it's so fun when you're drained and have no art left in you. Although it's a little frustrating--one game you're twelve levels down and killed by a troll, and the next game an emu takes you to school. Sigh.
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