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Now hang on just a dang minute here...

A ten foot long snake is not that huge. I have lived with ten foot boa constrictors. I have held them. I have lived in a house where they ambled around loose. I was not in danger of my life, and I was like eight and much smaller than an adult woman. They're a big snake, they're heavy, they might be able to kill a human if they really really wanted to and the human was pretty unlucky, (a constrictor generally wouldn't, but I'll give you that pythons are much more aggressive) but a snake that size could no more eat a human than I could eat a watermelon whole. They can just about get down a big rabbit, maybe a piglet or a small goat kid. Maybe. Saying that a ten foot snake swallowed half this woman is ludicrous--it'd have as much luck swallowing a couch.

Not that we'll ever know, but somebody's exaggerating (or out and out lying) there...
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