UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Follow the Yellow Brick Meme!

Why the heck not…following the current trend, here’s a list of Jobs I Have Known:

- rat cage cleaner (in my extreme youth, since my dad raised rats for pet stores for many years)
- vet receptionist
- retail cashier zombie
- deli worker (I sliced! I diced! I cut cheese!)
- insurance claim reader (I read 20 page handwritten forms about how their insurance agent misled them. I was allowed to cut multi-million dollar checks, often without QA. Good thing I’m honest…)
–freelance illustrator
- street light hotline worker (I sat and took calls about people’s street lights being out. Almost as much fun as it sounds.)
- freelance illustrator
- staff artist for video game company
- freelance illustrator

It took awhile to get the freelance thing to stick, but hopefully the third time’s the charm…

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