UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

And another thing.

What is up with blue raspberry? Raspberries are not blue. In fact, there are no blue foods found in nature–even blueberries are actually purple. Humans are not MEANT to eat blue food. A kid in my color theory class did his final project based on this theory and colored an entire plate of food blue–it looked incredibly revolting. Blue is hardwired into us as not-a-food color.

Nevertheless, I open my baggy of Chewy Runts, and there’s blue raspberry. (Why did they take out grape? Grape was wonderful!) Blue raspberry, which tastes sort’ve vaguely like raspberry in the same fashion that spam tastes sorta vaguely like pork, has infested virtually every walk of candy life, and I want to know WHY.

Is the only artificial stuff that tastes like raspberry vividly blue colored? Are there so many red foods, what with cherry and strawberry and red apple that somebody just said “Hey! Blue! That’s brilliant!” and everybody followed suit?


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