UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Yesterday we hung art.

It’s a sad state of affairs that we have too much art to hang in one day, but them’s the breaks. At least we got most of the big paintings and masks off the ground, and that’s the important bit. Feels more like we live here now.

My inability to post reliably to forums and respond to e-mail–let alone LOOK at anything on the ‘net!–is starting to take its toll on even my inherently sunny disposition. (It’s amazing I didn’t burst into flames for the magnitude of that falsehood, but y’know.) Hopefully next week. (And Terzy–if you’re reading this–I LOVED the draco-griff-womba-frox on Yerf! That little face! Awww!)

The new plastic-coated-wire birdfeeder has stumped the squirrels for now. I await their next assault with great interest.

The unidentified yellow-olive bird, it turns out, is not a goldfinch at all (although I think I’ve seen a few of those around, too) but a pine warbler. No new species identified–there’s something with big yellow spots on the sides and barred wings that I can’t ID yet.

And that’s the state of the union…

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