UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Spam in my in-box today informs me–I quote–”Over 72% of all women need a larger and thicker p e n i s to reach sexual orgasm.”

Damn those women with their subpar penises!

The joke’s been made before, but I’ll make it again ‘cos it’s late and I’m punchy–waking up one morning to discover that I had a larger and thicker penis would not noticeably improve my chances of orgasm, although I think my chance of aneurysm would probably skyrocket. (Arguably, of course, any penis at all would count as larger and thicker than the current equipage, so they may get me on a technicality, there.) However, I’m obviously a weirdo in that 28% minority. I mean, they have percentages! On the internet! It must be true!

In other news, new art! Vaguely Froudish, as anything vaguely pastel and weird and fairyish inevitably must be.

And nary a penis in sight, either.


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