UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Just to round out the shameless pluggery, only one day left on the Digger cover auction!


My buddy Kathy is telling me that I gotta do a wombat beefcake auction–something silly of a buff male wombat leaning on a pickaxe. I confess, I doodled a sketch. It’s pretty silly. I draw the line at wombat cheesecake–Digger just isn’t the type, and anyway lacks a waist, hips, or external nipples–but there’s something so cheerfully absurd about hunky bodybuilding wombats…I dunno. Possibly my brain is getting wrenched from doing all these Diggers in rapid succession to catch up to my backlog.

Which is, in fact, what I oughta be doin’ right now…

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