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In my continuing small-originals-for-auction trend (expect it to last for most of the month) I wound up back in the land of Cute again. http://yerf.com/vernursu/rabbitcrow.jpg

It’s times like this I think “Hmm, maybe I SHOULD try to do a children’s book,” although I don’t know anything about marketing them, or whether the world is really ready for “The Fuzzy Little Wombat Visits Xilbalba” or whatever demented thing it’d morph into. (Xilbalba is the Mayan hell, as laid down in the Popul Vuh, which has some of the coolest imagery ever. It could only be improved with the addition of wombats, but then, really what isn’t?)

“And then Fuzzy Little Wombat met the demon Scab-Stripper, Defiler of Virgins and Drinker of the Blood of the Innocent. “Hi!” said Fuzzy Little Wombat. “Will you be my friend?”

This novel tactic confused Scab-Stripper utterly and he had to retire back to his cave and have a blood-of-the-innocent julep to pull himself together.

Disappointed, Fuzzy Little Wombat continued down the road paved with skulls and obsidian knives in hopes that he could find someone to be his friend.”

See, that’s what’d happen immediately, so it’s just not a good idea….

Also, the first round of auctions close tomorrow, and the bunny is up for auction, so check out http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction.pl?alluser&Ursulav if interested!

Update: At Makovette’s excellent suggestion, I’ve put up a Dutch Auction for the Cute Print Set. You save $20 if you order the set rather than individual prints, so it’s a heckuva deal. I’ve never tried a dutch auction before, so this’ll be an exciting learning experience…

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