UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Worked hard yesterday, got a lot done by quitting time.

Then…it started to call me. The Happy Capybara. My fingers twitched. I fought the urges. I have time for another project like I have time to take up professional ice-skating. I shouldn’t even start. I shouldn’t even do concept sketches. Even if the Happy Little Capybara Visits Xibalba would be funny and cute and allow me to draw freaky Mayan stuff, even if I AM ahead on my beloved Digger, I don’t have time and if I start things and don’t finish them or put them on hold or whatever, people send me e-mail and ask where the next one is and then I feel guilty for letting down the viewership and then I curl into fetal position and…and…

And then I went and did it anyway.

The viewership seems to have voted for “Stanley” as the name of the stuffed sloth. I know he gets kidnapped by Skull Owl, but that’s as far as the brain has gone yet…

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