UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

So I gotta write another bio.

I have a fairly standard mode that I go into writing bios–I’ve done enough of them that my brain shorts out, and I just regurgitate a few standard phrases, blah blah, freelance illustrator blah blah husband blah cat blah current residence blah.

This is not very interesting stuff.

Casting my mind back to Facinating Bios I Have Read, I recall very few. I remember a few amusing raised-by-wolves ones, and I always liked Lemony Snicket’s “Has been gathering information and is now consider something of an authority” bio, but for the most part, they don’t stick in my memory. When I read them, my brain just oozes past the words and somewhere in the back of my skull, a lone harmonica starts up. I can’t imagine any random stranger cares where I was born or where I’m currently living or how many cats I have.

So, O readers, I appeal to you–what’s a good bio? What do people want to know? What interests them? If you were gonna name one thing I should absolutely, positively, include in a two paragraph bio for a guest spot at a furry convention, what would it be?

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