UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Y’know, it’s funny.

I did another lizard painting, and I tried to do it in blues and greens instead of pink and blue, ‘cos y’know, experimentation and all that. And it didn’t work. I mean, it’s not terrible, per se, but it just didn’t hang together. I tried adding pink, and that improved it, but not by much. It just didn’t have that soft glow. I probably won’t finish it. It just…lacks.

I have a nearly identical piece in the quinacridone magenta and paris blue that I was working in, and it’s fine. Obviously the key is applying the magenta first. The magenta is what makes it work. Go figure.

I may re-do the failed piece in pink and blue, ‘cos the composition’s fine, and it had mushrooms. And mushrooms are a good thing.

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