UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Postcards from the Swamp, II

I thought I was free. I thought my two weeks of dogged painting had gotten my work load down to a manageable level, defined as “paying stuff to work on in the morning, afternoon free to paint on personal projects.”

Then the logo design I was doing suddenly came back with “Sorry, we thought you had a month, but we need it by Wednesday,” and Mongoose wants another painting done (They wanted five, I did six sketches so I’d have an alternate if one didn’t get approved, and now it turns out they liked the alternate too, so I need to paint that, and pronto. Not that I mind, it was a fun sketch and they’re good to work for.) and suddenly the reasonable workload has closed around me, like a small fly trapped in a Venus fly trap, trying valiantly to hack her way out with a paintbrush and a palette knife.

Also! If you are the gentleman who contacted me about an ascent-of-man type commission, and you’re still interested, please e-mail me! I haven’t forgotten you, but I did lose your e-mail during the last computer troubles, so…uh…if you’re interested, let me know!

Darn, at this rate I’ll never get to the penguin in cuttlefish hat…

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