UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Man, this week went by FAST.

I mean…really…really…fast. Like a..really…fast…thing.

Presumably I got some work done, but since the week seems to have lasted about five minutes, I’m not actually sure.

The Digger t-shirt contest ends! Thank you, everybody, for participating–we got a lot of great entries. We’ve got two that I liked, that will fit on a T-shirt well, and which got some popular approval–”An epic in a miner key” and “Something wombat this way comes.” I think for this T-shirt “Something wombat this way comes” is probably the most appropriate, but I’ll probably want to use the epic-in-a-miner-key for another design at some point, maybe with a more pick-axe heavy design, in which case I’ll send along one of that shirt to the sloganeer. And I’ll figure out a way to do the “twisty passages” one, too, hopefully. But these are all off in the future, and dependant on this T-shirt actually selling and so forth. (And yes, I’ll post a link here when the order page is up.)

So! wedschilde, you get a T-shirt! Drop me an e-mail with your address and preferred size, and thank you!

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