UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Saw “Outfoxed” the other day. Didn’t make all that much impact on me, since I already thought Fox news was to the media what Ed Anger of the Weekly World News was to newspapers (albeit less funny.) I resolve this issue by not watching Fox and not trusting anything that lists Fox News as a source until I’ve got a coupla independant sources backing it up.

None of that is the point.

The point is that they had some very entertaining montages throughout the film of Fox catch phrases, including a hysterically absurd number of nothing but Fox reporters saying “Some people say…” and another of variants on telling the guests to “Shut up!”

James and I, therefore have evolved a ritualized response to any silliness in world news now:

“Some people say…”
“Some people say…”
“You know, some people say…”
“Shut up!”

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