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Had a dire allergy attack yesterday. Snorf. Something must have bloomed. Did not get to the Claritin in time to stave off the histamine reaction. Functioning at very low capacity, I crawled out to the chiropractor (who again did not offer to fix my non-back ailments, but did suggest that eating dairy tended to aggravate allergies in a lot of people, something I’ve heard before, although I maintain that a life without cheese is not worth living) and then out to the art supply store to get a new sketchbook (having filled the old one with cryptic squiggles.) It’s a stopgap measure, because they didn’t have any really GOOD sketchbooks, so I got a cheap 24-pager and will make time to go out to the Good art supply store and get a Real Sketchbook later. (Or at least a niftier one, since my sketchbook is more of a recording of random midnight thumbnails and coffee shop doodling these days, now that I do all my sketching in Painter.)

Then I came home, managed to scrawl a crude thumbnail for “Digger” and went to bed in sinus-pounding agony. And slept for most of the day, got up, tried to work, moaned a bit, went back to bed. So yesterday was pretty much a total loss–through sheer willpower, I finished off one page on the lifecycle of the happy frog from its beginnings as a mostly neutral egg. (If I had total editorial control, I would include a grumpy tadpole, but the tadpoles have to be quasi-realistic, so my hands are tied.) I have until Tuesday to finish the rest, and it’s a damn good thing that I worked like some kind of art berserker on it last week, because this week has been plagued with health problems. For someone like me, who is generally as healthy as a horse and has no opportunity to pick up anything contaigious since I work at home, this is galling. I mean, I know us home workers oughta get our sick days too, but there is a distinct measure of guilt that never accompanied sick days at Real Jobs, when I mostly was thinking “ha! I hate the office! Go, strep!” Difference between a job and a career, I suppose.

Still, the end of the happy frogs is in sight! Only three and a half pages to go!

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