UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

On a whim, I tried to calculate how much art I’ve done in the last two months, using DeviantART and my old invoices.

31 paintings for fun.

2 presents.

10 interior illos.

2 covers.

16 happy frogs or related silliness.

15 pages of Digger.

That’s…um…76 paintings in two months, which is more than one a day. More if I finish anything before next week, which I damn well better.

A) No wonder my wrists hurt occasionally.

B) I am gonna stop feeling guilty about those afternoon naps now.

C) What the HELL are they putting in the water here in Cary?!

While I work very fast, admittedly, even for me this is sort of ridiculous and not a pace I can realistically expect to sustain without experiencing severe eventual burnout. However, it’s a little gratifying to know that my feelings of being swamped and never making any headway are unfounded, and cheers me enormously, even as my inbox continues to fill.

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