UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

“Evil Genius” is certainly mind-consuming. I have a vague notion of wanting to paint today, but by the time I lifted my head from building complicated traps and stealing stuff, it was after dinner. Oh, well…

James got the game for me, obviously well aware of my not-all-that-secret megalomaniacal tendencies and desire for minions, plus my love of sim-style games.*

It has a few obnoxious gameplay issues, like the fact that your people in the field can be dying right and left, and you’ll never know until you click back to a screen, whereupon you sit through a dozen replays of Death Death and More Death, but it makes up for this in general cheesy 70’s charm.

It’s calling me right now…

*Except the Sims. Never got into that one. I think I don’t like people enough. I am, however, one of approximately pi people who played SimLife until they wore the fingerprints off their hunt-and-peck fingers.

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