UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

The spurious accusations of art theft have gotten outta hand...

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| At Mon Dec 29 06:28:43 2003
| Streea <>
| ()
| IP#:
| Referring to: ursula.html
| "Well your your art work is great im not saying anything
| agenst it but your not stating where you get it... I can
| tell you where most of your frog pics come from... Im sorry
| but most of that is not your own ideas it looks like you
| copied them... Yerf.Com dear... Sorry but your art is good
| anyway but you shoudl give credit to where you get it"

Yes. I did copy everything from that one artist at Yerf.com...that Ursula-Vernon chick. All of it! I can't paint anything that she doesn't paint first! In fact, if you look at her frogs on Yerf and my frogs on Elfwood, they're absolutely identical!

But I'm pretty sure that she just copied that ursulav chick over at Deviantart.
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