UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

migraine cat

This is actually representational. No, really. If it was teeny and repeated infinitely and vibrating furiously with that cheap-monitor-jitter where the colors shake against each other, and if you turn your head to the right and don't quite focus on it, then Migraine Cat here is more or less what the big flaw across my vision during this afternoon's migraine looked like. Only cuter. (While I suppose Migraine Cat could have had giant ripping claws and gaping teeth, these migraines are generally not terribly hostile, just distracting, and somewhat incapacitating. It doesn't really hurt, I just resent the time lost to being mostly blind.)

My desire to do a piece titled "Migraine Cat Goes To The Movies" is overwhelming, for no reason that I can really fathom.
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