UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

“Congratulations!” said James.

I was laying on the couch reading and idily poking the sore bits of my mouth (had a number of fillings done today, and the dentist believes in a Lot Of Novocaine, so I was numb for hours, and now bits of my jaw ache, a sensation I oughta be used to by now.)

“The what now?”

“Congratulations on being one of the best webcomics of 2004.”

“Huh? Says who?”

“Webcomics Examiner. You’re on their Best of 2004 list.”

Baffled–I hadn’t gotten an e-mail–I poked at the computer for a bit, chased the appropriate link in Metafilter, and hey! Whadaya know! I am!

Well, I feel all warm and fuzzy.


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