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(no subject)

And the new year is off to a rousing idiot thumping start!

The person who accused me of plagerising my own work, then apologized, is now accusing me again, because--one quotes--"I've seen it around."

I thought, in the spirit of kindness and humanity, of being kind and patient and explaining it once again, in small words. Then I said "Naaah..." and launched into my copied-it-all-from-Ursula-Vernon-et-al-I-weep-for-the-collective-IQ-of-humanity speech. 'Cos if you can't abuse an idiot on New Years, when can you?

Happy New Year!

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Ursula, there's this artist named Caliban who really copies your style. Oh, I mean URsyile11!!

Heheh, you get the choicest numbskulls. :)

Yeah! And I've got my eye on that bastard, don't think I don't!

'Course it can't be me, since we all know I'd never paint nekkid animal women for cash...

What's your position on bears, anyway?

I'm for them! Unless they're hungry and within five feet, in which case I'm opposed.

*L* You're awesome, Ursula.

Happy 2004!

You've got to love these sort of people. I've had one fellow in an online forum at the university accusing me of neglecting my duties in a society, so I explained my situation that how there was no way I could handle the situation at hand without any support from the administration, hence the lack of results. He immediately apologised profusely, then less than a day later attacks me brutally for making up excuses to not do my job. And this guy's a university student (help help help help help).

Happy 2004!

Yay idiot thumping!

Relapsing Stupidity Syndrome, how tragic.

You really do get the most amusing morons, thank you for sharing!

Re: Yay idiot thumping!

I'd hold an RSS pledge drive to help the poor sufferers of this tragic and debilitating disease, but I think it might be a little beyond our scope to combat.

I once had an interesting experience with a guy on a message board discussing religion (now, I'd like to say that I actually enjoy discussions on religion and philosophy and do so regularly in one particular forum, but it's certainly true that such discussions are something like a candle luring in loonies from miles around sometimes...this takes the cake, though).

This guy, who went by the name "Speaker of the Truth" (thinks a bit highly of himself, doesn't he?), first accosted me for saying "un-Christian" things (the guy was a raving, Bible-thumping fundamentalist, and while I have some Christian leanings, I'm not what most people would define as Christian) and even tried to invalidate everything I was saying by simply saying, "You're not Christian, so I can't take anyting you say seriously." Then, after I (barely) kept my cool and talked to him reasonably, he appologized profusely, said he saw my point of view, and even changed the name he was going by from "Speaker of the Truth" to simply "Speaker," and finally to "Listener." He seemed nice enough, and I actually started to like the bloke.

Soon after, a new person began posting under the oh-so creative name "Someone," and this new person began viciously attacking me, calling me a "Devil-worshipper," saying I shouldn't be taken seriously or listened to, and just down-right insulting me. "Listener" actually *defended* me against this person, and they had a bit of an argument back and forth...and about a week or so later "Listener" e-mailed me and confessed that "Someone" was actually *him*...meaning not only had he completely renigged on his appology to me and gone back to being viscious under a new name, but he'd actually argued with *himself* about me under both personas. Needless to say, I called him a loon and never went back onto that particular message board again.


May your new year have more idiots of the amusing kind, and fewer of the assholish kind ;P

your style is your own and so it is hard to copy. Why would any well known artist such as yourself ever steal from another?

moronic people, but it is the net

*stares at screen* hmm, nothing good on, better change the channel

I had to go check your Elfwood gallery just to read your reply to that... It's certainly up there with the funniest idiot-bashings I've ever read.

Exactly, man these morons get loonier by the minute..

Had one myself recently, they took one of my works then mentioned that they know I won't mind.. I replyed and said it would be nice to know before hand, then they came back and said how rude I was, I said they were rude to take and use first and ask later, I mentioned how they'd not like it if I took their cds and copied them and rang them up and told them they'd not mind.. they told me I was childish and went into a tirade of how they are all laughing at me and their work mates too and now are all taking my pics and using them everywhere...

I did have a thought to mention that I didn't know places of work hired morons these days, but well.. there's no solace in knowing that they'll never get it..

*sigh* talk about childish.. I just didn't bother after that, no point :P

...do you think it's possible someone else signed the comment as "Streea" and went back on what the original said? Because, generally, the comment system will save whatever you logged in as, and the third one isn't capitalized. Then, too, in the first two comments, "I" was capitalized. Not so in the last one. *shrug* Just a thought.

But I am on Elfwood more- I'm a writer there- and I notice little details everywhere. -Just what I do. Anyway, I love your responses. It looks kind of fun. *chuckle*

It wouldn't make any sense for someone to want to make a fool out of the original Streea; they didn't leave their e-mail and no one would know who they are, anyways.
Mind you, a second person may want to just be stupid to see whatever hilarious rebuttal would be thrown at them *laughs*

Hmm, interesting thought. Unfortunately, they appear to be on a dial up--3 different IP addys--so I can't tell via that one way or the other. (And yeah, it IS fun! *grin* If you can't enjoy the idiocy, what good are they?!)

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