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(no subject)

Update on Digger Donation sketches!

Took me a while to get these out--you don't want to know how many times I drew Digger, and the holidays put the kibosh on everything--but realizing that I just needed to address these envelopes, I have done so at last! So the next wave will be going out tomorrow. This should cover everybody who just requested Digger--you've either gotten it already or should get it soon!--but I've still got a few special requests to go yet. (A few people did not include their mailing address with their donation, and will be getting an e-mail asking if they'd like one and requesting the info if so, in the next few days.)

As previous warned, I did get a little weird towards the end, so someone's getting "Digger has a hideous nightmare of mimehood" and "Digger steps in something unpleasant," and "Wombat playing poker" but y'know...

Thanks again to everyone who donated!

(Man, got a painting done today, got all these sketches ready to go out, painted half a planter, got most of a Digger done...this is gonna be a productive year!)

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I had honestly forgotten about the sketch - so imagine my surprise when a Wombat showed up at my door muttering, "Five card stud, one eyed jacks are wild." Twas cool.

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