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Woke this morning to a power outage. That was exciting. Got ready to go out and have breakfast. Then the power came back on. That was sort of anticlimatic, really.

FutilityQuest IV is underway, as I carefully fill out my submission forms for the Spectrum Annual. Someday! Someday! Continuing to paint cute quick stuff. The latest Gearworld painting, languishing with only the barest touches of rust colored paint on the pristine white surface, is starting to look good. A couple more days of this cute stuff–end of the week, I’d say–and it will hopefully start calling my name and I will plunge back in.

Maybe I need to alternate or something. Gearworld, cute. Gearworld, cute. I hate having to, y’know, deal with my own psychology here. I ought to be able to just sit down and paint and have enthusiasm! It’s my own stuff! I have no excuse! But I do and I can’t and I just gotta deal. It’s a good thing I’m doing this before trying to arrange a show, because I can see myself getting savage block with a deadline, and it’s an ugly vision.

Or maybe I just have PMS. Also a possibility.

Small amusements:

Exceedingly small amusements while waiting for paint to dry on small amusements:

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