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(no subject)

The last thing that went through my head before the tyranny of the alarm clock dragged me into the waking world was "Great! We've got the white snake, now we gotta find a white goat."

Feeding time or twisted albino animal scavenger hunt? Only my hindbrain knows for sure...

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Or possibly assembling a concert of dire 80s rock bands?

I know whitesnake, but was there ever a band called "Whitegoat"?

On second thought, I may be happier not knowing...

Weird - I dreamed of a HUGE 2-headed snake last night - it was as big around as my upper arm, and it was like 2 snakes shared the same tail... weird world, 'tis Dreamland...

*scratches her head* Heh, "White Goat" is also a euphamism for a human sacrifice... Just what ARE you giving that money frog? ;)

You don't wanna know what it cost me to get that new job lined up...

I dreamed about a white parrot the other night.

Trying to patch together a chimera with arctic camouflage, of course.

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