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(no subject)

Fans of historical weirdos--god, I love rotten.com!--may be intrigued to know that today is the anniversary (in 1611) of the conviction of Elizabeth Bathory, the blood countess--yes, that one, with the sadism and the weirdness and most notably the bathing in vats of virgin blood to stay young--on 610 counts of murder.

As horrible as this is, you can't help but be impressed by the scope. 'Das a lot of virgins.

Since she was of the nobility, they didn't execute her (although they did off her procurers) but instead walled her up alive in her castle and delivered food and water occasionally, until she died a few years later of causes probably related to being walled up alive in her castle.

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Hmm...that would make a pretty gore horror movie, if they haven't done one already.

Hammer did one in the sixties based on that legend. It was called Countess Dracula and had the lovely Ingrid Pitt as the title character (who was NOT called Countess Dracula except in disgust at her deeds.)

...and enshrined in the Venom song "Countess Bathory".

That sort of reminds me of something that I heard the other night on the History Channel's "The History of Sex." According to the program, from all the information that has so far been gathered from studies of the heiroglyphics, the Egyptians had no word for "virgin." I found it quite amusing.

Oh those crazy royals. It's hard not to love 'em.

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