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(no subject)

Went to the bookstore today--James insisted I go get a book I hadn't read a dozen times already, since I've been re-reading, as Xmas left us financially tapped for the nonce. He points out, quite rightly, that twenty bucks never bankrupted anybody, and it's undoubtedly true that a Dean Koontz novel rarely gains anything with age, so off I went. (James takes better care of my mental health than I do.)

Picked "From the Beast to the Blonde" up at random off a table--I've read reference to it occasionally, usually in some of those Terri Windling dark fairy tale anthologies. While I can generally sink my teeth into a good analysis of fairy tales, I wasn't quite sure what the tone of this was, so I flipped it open at random, in the age old fashion of bibliomancy, and let my eye fall on a passage. St. Augustine of Hippo supposedly converted to Christianity based on this technique, so I suppose I was running a risk there, but I rather doubt St. Augustine ran across anything like this chunk of an Inuit myth:

...she was so powerful that she could lift a kayak on the tips of three fingers. She could kill a seal merely by drumming on its head with her fists...Sometimes this Sermerssuaq would show off her clitoris. It was so big that the skin of a fox would not fully cover it. Aja, and she was the mother of nine children, too!

I rolled that mental image around my brain for a minute or two, glanced idily around me to see if anyone had seen my brain twitch inside my skull just then (I mean, it must have been obvious!) and then shrugged and took it up to the front. Some mental images are just so...graphic that you can't argue with it.

Don't anybody even THINK of asking me to paint that...

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Wouldn't dream of it.

Ok, maybe.

But did you get that book?

Yup! We'll see if it can live up to that bit...

All that, and she's a mom, too? Damn, she's the ultimate New Woman!

Inuit myths, it is my impression, are often quite explicit in their sexuality. I can't recall if I read some in that Windling book (I don't think so?) or elsewhere (but where?), but from what I remember, a clitoris that can't be covered by the skin of the fox is pretty tame by Inuit myth standards.

...how BIG a fox is it?

that above sentence has GOT to break fifteen rules of grammer...i think...if not this one as well.

(Deleted comment)
grammer, speeling...the same bloody thang.

p.s. the "grammer" was intentional...:)

(Deleted comment)
Ayup. When Maw kipt me at home away frum scool, she had mah Grammer teach me good speelin'.

Unless, of course, you're talking about music. One of my favorite music artists is Tracy Grammer. It is difficult to spell THAT correctly when writing to her. ];-)

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I remember reading that story in a book of mythology about females from around the world that a friend of mine had (might be the same book, I just don't remember the title).

I remember one in particular from Africa where an army of fetuses attack some woman's daughter and try to strangle her with their umbilical cords...or something like that.

Paint that? Why would you need to? There are already several hundred versions on VCL.


Hey, there's always your local library. Or, failing that, the Baen Free Library. :)

No, no painting.

So, how's the sculpting impulse doing?


Oh, wait till I tell you of that awesome Hawai'ian myth with that goddess and her flying vagina... SHe threw it so hard to distract some other god from raping her sister, that it left an imprint in a nearby hill, that remains to this day. THAT was amazing.

you could always...

paint pile of nervous looking animal skins.

Or a nervous looking groom, holding the hide of a lemming?

(Deleted comment)
It would give a new meaning to "clitoris hood" for the winter... wool itch reaches new heights... :>

I am reminded of the natives of the Truk Islands, who boast of similar things -- well, the same thing, actually. ];-)

A phrase translated in American guidebooks as a generic "Wow!" or "No kidding!" actually means "Look at the size of it!"

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And in support of my comment, I stumbled across this.

You've indicated a taste for strange reading. On that basis, this qualifies. This, however, appears to be historical rather than mythical. I cannot vouch for its veracity.

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