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Follow the Yellow Brick Meme!

Why the heck not...following the current trend, here's a list of Jobs I Have Known:

- rat cage cleaner (in my extreme youth, since my dad raised rats for pet stores for many years)
- vet receptionist
- retail cashier zombie
- deli worker (I sliced! I diced! I cut cheese!)
- insurance claim reader (I read 20 page handwritten forms about how their insurance agent misled them. I was allowed to cut multi-million dollar checks, often without QA. Good thing I'm honest...)
--freelance illustrator
- street light hotline worker (I sat and took calls about people's street lights being out. Almost as much fun as it sounds.)
- freelance illustrator
- staff artist for video game company
- freelance illustrator

It took awhile to get the freelance thing to stick, but hopefully the third time's the charm...

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1. Burger King kitchen cook
2. Summer camp councelor
3. college student
4. Army soldier
5. Retail worker selling little animal and fantasy knick knacks (You wouldn't believe how much I learned about every breed of dog from working there.)
7. Illustrator/Fine Artist
8. Lunch lady at Sun Microsystems
9. Web Designer

Viola! Make sense? Nope, not to me either.

I was a deli worker for a while. It was horrible. I hope never to look back. I also hope that my career chain doesn't take me to the wonderful world of street light hotlines. ;)

you look JUST like my friend Desus. That's weird.

I actually get that a lot.

How do you get INTO freelance illustration in teh first place? I'd really like to get a feel for what it's supposed to be, but I have no idea where to start.

Well, hence the first two unsuccessful attempts!

Hmm...this is really too long for a reply, so maybe I should work up a post about it sometime. Remind me, if I don't get one up in the next few days.

Aww, sweet. Thanks, you rock.

Gah. Next to you guys, I feel like a moron.

- college student.
- night auditor at the dorm (watching people go in and out from 12-8am - which was only exciting because the UNC basketball team lived there and there are some serious whores in the triangle)
- cashier at a hotel
- freelance web design
- help desk work
- desktop support
- network support
- operations management
- business systems analysis


Boarding kennel/cattery assistant type person... which mainly involved cleaning littertrays.

Thassit, unless Animal Science student counts and I dount it really does. Bah.

I feel inadiquate next to everyone else now!

- Dishwasher at a Jewish deli (kosher style but not kosher)
- Night shift guy at Kinko's. Amazing, the people who come in at 4AM.
- Grill cook, then kitchen manager at a fern-bar restaurant
- Library cataloguer
- Technical writer
- IT trainer
- Unix admin
- Maille maker
- Rolegaming writer

Trying to get out of corporate America but it's not working...

For my years, I've had surprisingly few jobs:

-Babysitter ( bleagh... )
-Film Developer
-Dog Kennel cleaner

and currently: Housekeeper for the little old lady down the street.

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