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(no subject)

Best. Summary. Ever.

Jan 7 1943

Nikola Tesla dead. The inventor of alternating current, Tesla was driven mad by Edison and spent his final days trying to invent a death ray.

I am torn between the hope that when I die, my life can be summed up in such a pithy and amusing fashion, and the realization that happy, productive people are rarely that funny.

Hmm...what would I want a one-sentence summary of my life to look like...?

"Founder of the Wombat Nouveau art movement, Vernon lived a long and productive life and left behind a respectable body of artwork including the famous Chicken Descending a Staircase, before dying in a freak wildebeest accident at the age of eighty-four."

Yeah, that'd work.

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Well hell, who doesn't want a death ray?

I cringe to think what my one-sentence summary would read.

And, are you going to paint Chicken Descending a Staircase now?

"Having picked her nose more than any other human in memory, Megan managed to inadvertantly found the popular fetish now known as Boogerphilia."

"Vernon descended into insanity, attributed to something noted cryptically in historical texts only as 'Yerf reviews', and spent her final days constructing a Giant Mechawombat to purge all of humanity. Also fond of frogs."

*laugh!* Probably the most likely scenario...

Haha. Tesla, man. Who knew?

I don't know about anyone else....

When I hear "Chicken Decending a Staircase", why do I think

"Thump, thump, thump thumpthumpthumpthump...."?

Re: I don't know about anyone else....

Okay, that made me laugh out loud, and I never do that.

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