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(no subject)

This is gonna sound weird.

I miss my RPG characters.

Having gotten disgusted with too many of my fellows in on-line RPGs some years ago, and having moved away from my tabletop group some months ago, I have no gaming going on whatsoever at the moment, and I am left feeling curiously bereft. It's not that I have any burning need for escapism at the moment, and no time to do it in even if I did, but still...I miss 'em. I miss Jackal, who made her living through organ piracy and had all the charisma of a leperous warthog, and who's only saving graces were zealous loyalty and the sporadic ability to kill people by touching them. (There is something strangely liberating about being absolutely and completely objectionable.) I miss Knight-Errant Severl the Unsympathetic, organized crime aficianado who masqueraded as a paladin, who could do the most heinous things in public and, for reasons I'm still not clear on, almost always got away with them through sheer force of personality, and the fact that the line between being Noxiously Good and Noxiously Bad is very thin and easily danced on. (The key is self-assurance. People will go along with anything if you are A) self-assured, and B) they suspect you may hurt them.) I miss my psychotic samurai Mouse, who assumed that impossible odds simply did not apply to her, and who believed herself to be a person of great honor and high moral standards, and was always shocked to learn that everyone else in the party thought she was a deranged serial killer. (To be fair, both sides had a point.)

On a completely unrelated note, until watching monster movies on the Sci-Fi channel, I had no idea that crocodiles exploded. You learn something new every day.

I am hoping to someday locate another good RPG group, although the GM would have huge shoes to fill--Chris, our Shadowrun guru from St. Paul, was one of the most blindingly creative GMs I've ever met, even if he did insist on a little too much realism in explosions (i.e. nothing blew up, ever, unless a great deal of plastic explosive and knowledge went into it.) Cars never exploded unless you threw grenades into them. Possibly we should have been using crocodiles.

I miss the stupidly over-the-top stunts that one can do in RPGs. I miss having a character that could kill a giant granite gargoyle by smashing a pitcher over it's head. I miss charging into a room with a katana, no back up, and ten or fifteen foes, and believing that I had better than even odds. I miss dangling from the roof of a careening van full of zombies, being shot at, stabbing randomly through the windows, and feeling that the situation was totally under control. I miss taking on Elder Gods with rocket launchers, or building complex devices out of large aquariums to expose vampires to sunlight with the least amount of collateral damage. God help me, I even miss the time Mouse accidentally snorted a shoggoth and had to have her sinuses roto-rootered, possibly a low point in the history of Lovecraftican encounters.

Someday, I'll get moved, and have time for this sorta stuff again...

I am helpless with laughter.

I used to RP online a lot in high school, and I have at least two characters that I really miss playing. I figure when I graduate I will either

a) have more time and get back into online RPGs or

b) have even less time than I do now

(I'm really pulling for a)

I soo know what you mean... I get to play every once in a while, but I hardly ever stay for a campaign (due to the fact that the group I play with is something like 400-500 miles away), so I miss my characters rather badly when I can't play. Especially now that I've actually managed to be around for at least half a campaign. I miss my wee little Druid Amarina and her bigass dire horse and I know I'll miss my current character even more after next session when I have to go home again.

Sorry fer rambling, I just know how you feel! *sheepish smile*

You're singing my song. I've been separated from my gaming group first by lack of resources (they were an hour and a half away and I was just being a student at the time, not working), and then by the abundance of resources at the expense of the time in which I could game. I did find some reprieve this last week, however, in that I got to mash Deadlands and Werewolf: Wild West in a diabolical manner and run some slightly unsuspecting friends through an intro session. Problem is, the players won't all be in one place for two and a half months. Kinda a long time to put the game on hold. -sighs-

I was likewise spoiled by my GM. And then I moved out east while they stayed in the midwest (damn them.. them being my regular group). Soooo.. I found online RPing to fill the void. MUXes in particular. It helps though I miss the staying up til the wee hours of the morning with a group of people around a table (or sprawled in chairs) RPing impossible acts while eating pizza and drinking way too much caffeine only to go home, sleep for a few hours and do it all over again.

I want more story time with Ursula about RPGS! Tell us more!

You know, you could be trying to get into my Tuesday night Donjon game ... Westerbury Tales? If there was ever a system designed to cover insane characters ...

Unfortunately, Gaming Local dried up when our excellent GM moved away. no one felt good enough to fill his shoes, and so gaming mostly dried up. The other group I was with had a severe style clash, and being that the one with the style clash was the sweetie of the GM, gaming stopped.

I still have all my books binders and dice carefully set up to be grabbed at a moment's notice, but I know it will never happen again, and like the loss of a family member, the ache for lost gaming really never goes away...


I know you're already moving to NC and all, but . . .

Can we pretty please get you to move to Mid-TN? You sound like you're the kind of gamer who would fit in *perfectly* with our gaming group. So sayeth the Omimouse, who watched the GM whimper in pain as the cockatrice rolled several ones in a row, failing to do anything more than look stupid and hiss at us, and, in one instance, killed itself off by crashing into a tree and getting tangled in the foliage on the way down. (Ebon rolled for its attack. He rolled a 1. He rolled again. One. He rolled *again*. Another one. At this point, he finally gave in to the inevitable, commenting, "These guys are just to stupid to live!"

Okay, now I feel the desire to go chatter about good gaming experiences in *my* LJ. -g-

I can understand exactly what you're going through, even though my old Shadowrun games never quite had that same humourous-action flair to them. My Shadowrun group split after high school and I've missed it ever since--though I still collect the game books out of habit... :P

Hopefully you're able to find another roleplaying group soon. :)

I know precisely what you mean. Now that my high school gaming buddies have scattered to the four winds due to college, the armed services, starting their families and the like, I hardly ever get to play Shadowrun. My favorite character in Shadowrun never got trotted out all that much, and I miss her immensely. She was a Cat Shaman that looked like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page (ironically, your Maiden Blood Redoux chick looks almost exactly like I imagined her) with a leather fetish and an oral fixation which manifested itself by eating lollipops. Her first appearance consisted of casting a high-level Hellblast spell on some random guy who came up to her on the street and made a pass at her. Her temperment never improved much...just got a little more derranged. Now, I'm lucky if I get to play her once a year.

Come to think if it, she and Mouse sound like they would very much get along. They seemed to have the a similiar way of viewing the world.

*grin* Got along, or killed each other. I think that worldview might attain critical mass if you get two of 'em together...

(Deleted comment)
The bit with crocodiles is being intensively studied, and seems to be the last, fatal stage of a disease peculiar to the group called "gator AIDS".

===|==============/ Level Head

*pelts you with crusty gym socks*

We want more stories!

*starts to chant*
More stories,
More stories!

Re: We want more stories!

*laugh* But I have this terrible fear of turning into one of Those People who start telling you about their characters at the draw of a hat, in these long tedious Grandpa-Simpson-esque shaggy dog stories...

For examples (ahem) "There was that time we got dropped off in the middle of the Amazon, and our boss double-crossed us and instead of an engine, the Land Rover had a note saying "HA! That'll teach you to try and kill me!" and Jackal had to go mind-meld with a tapir to use as a pack animal because nobody wanted to carry the guns through the rainforest,(which turned out to be futile, since we eventually realized that said boss hadn't sent us any ammo, either) and we wound up laying seige to a drug-lord's enclave in the middle of the jungle, and finally, after immense casualties and loss of life, took over the compound, only to discover that there was actually nobody home. We were never quite sure how we'd taken all those casualties. Somehow the hellraiser cube got involved. Then my shaman's girlfriend/apprentice was killed by a garbage truck driver in Rio while the shaman was out grocery shopping, but the rest of the party lied and told her it was a pack of ninjas, which she believed, due to some really astonishingly bad gullibility rolls. It was not our finest hour."

You see how these things tend to flatten out on paper? I mean, sure, they're fun to play, but trying to explain 'em...

I too have fond memories of my RPG characters, and understand the nostalgia. In the spirit of self-actualization, however, I realized that, to my then-self as I remember him, I am now about as cool a person as some of my characters were to me when I was gaming. So I'm happy.

*grin* An important point! I realized rather glumly, while playing one of 'em, that she would have absolutely no use for me whatsoever. But hey, that's why they call it escapism...