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(no subject)

James spent the weekend transferring the website to a new host prepatory to our move, and now has all kinds of nifty new site stats, which he showed me.

The major search that leads people to www.metalandmagic.com is, predictably, "ursula vernon" but a few have also showed up under "irrational fears" and (to my great amusement) "a lot of nudity."

I can't help but think that someone trying to find a lot of nudity will be disappointed by the mildness of my site, but I hope they enjoyed it anyway.

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I'm looking for a host with lotsa good stats - would you suggest the one you're using? (and which one is it?)

The place is called "DreamHost" and the prices are pretty reasonable, but since we've only been on 'em for about three days, I hesitate to suggest them as a host yet--ask me again after a few weeks, when we've got a better notion of reliability.

James tells me that you need a fairly high degree of knowledge of the working of the guts of the internet to set things up, so I'm not sure if that'll be daunting or not...

The #1 search string that's led people to my homepage for the past few months?



After reading that, I just had to check it out. You're number two on the google search for "a lot of nudity."
This finding was followed by mass amounts of giggling, and the occasional snort.

I just tried now and Metalandmagic.com is now top of page 3, so #21...

It varies depending on the quote marks--a lot of nudity is #2, but "a lot of nudity" is #21.

God knows why.

Hmmm.. Google's ordering algorithm is quite strange; apart of it depends how linked-to and referenced a site might be. Perhaps your LJ info page linking to it gives it more "hits" value? Also it has the string (which is actually 'lot+nudity') repeated twice, whereas "a lot of nudity" is there only once.

Still not an answer, I don't think there is one.

how could you have such a search result

I mean, 98.38% typed "trident cyberblade 3d open gl" to get to my site

now that I think about it though, I have a trident video card that I mentioned once not being able to do opengl stuff well with, and is running with trident cyberblade drivers

however a search on google yields no good results, not even my (not trident or opengl related) site.

btw, my host is geocities and I have been eyeing lunarpages for my next host

(looks like I need more traffic)

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