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(no subject)

My thanks to everyone who suggested mottos--there were some really good ones, but in the end, I had to go with the classic:
I despise the arrogant wombat.

In case anyone doesn't know the origin, I once had a troll with a questionable grip on either the language or consensual reality leave some truly bizarre comments on my art, one of which was the marvelous phrase "I despise the arrogant wombat." The pleasure I have derived from this phrase is all out of proportion, and it still gives me the warm fuzzies. 'Cos I mean, really, doesn't that just say it all?

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*g* The puffamoo was the very first one I encountered when I was in Finland. I asked my boyfriend if there was anything to snack on readily available, and he pulls a cup out of the refrigerator with a foil top printed with this pufferfish cow, and all I could do was stare and exclaim, "What the HELL is that?"

My poor boyfriend suddenly realized how extraordinairily weird the pudding cup looked, and mumbled, "Uh, pudding.... chocolate, actually."

I was rather dubious, but it was very good chocolate pudding.

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