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And it occurs to Ursula, suddenly, that it is almost time for the annual pilgrimage to the Altar of Probably-Futile-But-I'm-Trying-Anyway-Goddamnit.

I speak, of course, of submitting work to the Spectrum annual, which I better do tomorrow, since if I wait until after the trip, I'll be so busy I'm likely to forget.

I've submitted faithfully every year for about four years, and received rejection slips every time. Initially, they were definitely earned. More recently...well, I'd like to think they were close, and some of 'em have held up well, but I suspect that in a few years, I'll look back and go "Man, those were stinkers too!" Still, I keep submitting--it's one of my big artistic goals. (Not that I expect fame, fortune, and success to attend acceptance, I just wanna do it because--well--it'd be cool, damnit!) Although many of the contributors to Spectrum kick my ass up, down, sideways, and extradimensionally to boot, I know I'm better than some of the stuff that gets in, so I keep trying.

This year, I'm submitting "Sir Bunny vs. the Wockwurm" and "Bad Egg," which garnered the most comments/praise/etc this year, and which James (whose vote equals that of the combined internet) agreed were the best of the bunch.

Fifth time's the charm...

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I keep meaning to look up the submission guidelines for that.... Are they available on the web at all?
Good luck with your submission! Maybe they fianlly bought glasses and will be able to actually see your stuff properly this time ^___~

Thank you! Are you going to submit the "Dragon in the Smoke" cover? I personally really liked that one.

*grin* Well, it was a good one, but there's an entry fee, so I stuck to two, 'cos I'm poor.

Poop. Oh well. Did you get you comp copies of Dragon yet? I just got mine recently, and the cover looks soooo good. I'll have to get that signed by you one of these days ^o^

Good luck! Since it seems to be luck you need now, rather than talent. Talent you have plenty of on your own. ;)

Art that "challenges perceptions and delights imaginations", huh? I think yours fits that bill quite nicely, especially considering the ractions you provoke in me and your other viewers. Best of luck to you!

If "Sir Bunny vs. the Wockwurm" doesn't grab their attention, then they all collectively need to spend some of the money they get in profits on some group LASIK surgery...I mean, come on!


If it's any comfort, I *do* look for your name in the index of many-an-illustration annual. :) That includes Spectrum.

I already flip through Spectrum at the bookstore hoping to see your stuff. :-D Make an honest woman out of me!

Good luck! I think Bad Egg has the best chance, because it's darker and more 'traditional,' seems that's what the judges like. After hearing you got rejected, I'm not so sure I should submit anything now!

Unless "Fear my leet yolk" turns out to count against it. (Personally it's one of my favorite bits.)

*ponders* Do they have submission guidelines somewhere?!!!
-and goodluck.

Hey, woman!

Do it. I'll be doing the same. Fingers crossed for the both of us.

It's probably better to submit stuff earlier rather than later....but needs must as the Devil drives. I'll be crawling right up against the deadline as it is.

There's been a lot of scuttlebutt on some of the forums in recent years, regarding some of the ongoing politics with regard to Spectrum. Two years ago--what, Spectrum Nine?--was the worst example to me, of what I've seen, at any rate. Judges should recuse themselves from the submissions process. If you're a judge you shouldn't be in the position of having your art up against everyone else's. It qualifies as a conflict of interest. Berry and Hale won so many awards...and Terese, who was also a panelist, and Ahsley Wood, who is a Berry protoge. Then you've got rk post, whose work hasn't been in a Spectrum for some time. Politics? Yew betcha.

Still, it's more than worth it. The clients I've gotten because of Spectrum more than outweigh the money it cost me to submit.

Again, may luck be with both of us!!

*grin* While I had sort've suspected there were some politics involved somehow, I've tried not to worry about it--it'd be so easy to go "Man, my work didn't get in because I don't know the right people!" (as opposed to "Man, my work isn't good enough yet, gotta work harder.")

On t'other hand, it's sort've nice to hear that my occasional nagging suspicion might have a little truth behind it...

On t'other hand, it's sort've nice to hear that my occasional nagging suspicion might have a little truth behind it...

Oh, more than a little truth. :) Many, many people wrote in to Cathy and Arnie Fenner over the issue. That's part of the reason the distribution of judges was a bit more diverse for Number Ten.

Still, some of their choices bug me. Guess that's to be expected. Was happy to see Chris Moeller finally got an award. He's been doing some gorgeous cover work for DC and not getting nearly enough recognition for it.

I think every industry has this undercurrent of Who-You-Know going on. That's part of the reason for attending GenCon and San Diego Comic Con; so's you can meet some of these Movers n Shakers and get in on the loop. I wish things were just measured by effort, skill and creativity, but if wishes were horses, then beggars might ride.


Good Luck!

You know speaking of Bad Eggs. I was reading a collection of comic fantasy short stories and one of them featured a cracked Humpty Dumpty who just just like yours was a very very bad egg. It was a story by Neil Gaiman called The case of the four and twenty blackbirds. I was wondering if you'd read that and if it had served as inspiration for your Bad Egg.

It's good to see I'm not the only one who holds her significant other/boyfriend's opinion in excessively high regard ;) Sometimes it can be dangerous, though. Good luck with the submission! I'll light a candle and keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

Just remember to submit three pictures, full figure, they like to see hands and feet. backgrounds are important, so yu want to show how well you grasp the concepts of perspective, and lighting. No photoshop filtes, that would be bad..

Oh, wrong guidelines.. that was Yerf. :-) :-)

Break a leg, and hope to see you in the pages.


Had you asked for viewer input, I would have suggested "Having That Dream Again." I've always liked it, and it seems like the kind of thing they'd go for. But I'll say without hesitation that I doubt you could go wrong with anything you chose to submit. And if "Sir Bunny vs. the Wockwurm doesn't make it in, it will be because the judges were laughing so hard they drooled all over the page.

Best of luck! I think your work is more than worthy to appear.

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