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Early Morning Faulty Logic

James and I were talking about something--him perkily, me with my usual groggy growl. The point of discussion wasn't all that important, since it devolved quickly into "Bet you I can!" "Bet you you can't." (We're so mature.)

James: "Well, there's no way to prove it, so my theory must be correct!
Ursula: "What are you, a creationist? Just because you can't prove or disprove it, it doesn't mean it's true!"
James: (breaking into song) "It's...my theory, that's my theory, like no theory I knoooow! So it...must...be...riiiiiiight..."
Ursula: (incoherent noises into coffee)

It's still not as bad as the time he made me look something up in the Geneva Convention before breakfast.

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My high school history course started at 7:00am, so I think I can relate to having a morning person talking about the Geneva Convention way too early in the day.

A creationist. Man, Ursula, you're a BEAR before that first cup of coffee!

*grin* I know, I'm a monster. James has learned not to poke the bear...

The real question here: How frightening is James' Ethel Merman impression? (Not "Is it frightening?" but "To what degree?" Ethel Merman impressions are frightening by their very nature.)

Heh, you two make such a cute couple.

Oh god Ursula, I thought only my fiancee and I were so mature as to have "are too!" "is not!" arguments *giggle*

My mate and I also have "Uh-huh" "Nuh-uh" arguments, and the one who can counter the other the quickest is automatically correct.

I don't feel so bad now--my fiance and I have oh-so-mature arguments too, usually about supposedly intellectual matters as well (never had to look anything up in the Geneva Convention, but I've had to find references for quite a number of things because he insists that if I can't quote line and paragraph of a reliable source the very *instant* I make mention of something--even if it's in the car in the middle of a two-hour trip--then I shouldn't even mention it at all. Yet the same logic seems not to apply to *him*...).

I don't know if you've ever seen the site ThingsMyGirlfriendAndIHaveArguedAbout.com , but it's a very funny site in which a British writer chronicles his arguments with his German girlfriend of nearly 15 years (and interestingly, his wit in writing is not terribly removed from yours, Ursula:-). Some of them are quite hilarious, actually, and demonstrate the wonderfully mature behaviour of long-time adult couples in close contact. My fiance and I argue so much that I've actually begun to compile my *own* version of that site, which I very well may put up as a small subsection of my site in homage to the much funnier orginal. :-)


My best friend could be quite the drama queen, and if you said something he didn't agree with (or he just felt like being contrary) he'd bellow, "You LIE!" Or, later, it became "LLLLLIES!!!!" (drawing out the 'L')

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