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(no subject)

James, in a typical conversation that began with "Smell my finger!" and ended with "Pardon me while I kiss the sky!" posed the following intriguing question, which answer I do not know.

Do whales have mucus in their blowholes? (Translated from the original James.) And I'd add, do they sneeze? Do they get stuffed up? Is the cloud of spray from a whale spouting in part whalesnot? I sort of suspect that the sheer power of the ejecting air would render any stuffiness moot, but now I'm curious...

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This falls under the same category as my "Do dolphins yawn?" quest.

Which, by the way, they do, but not for the same reasons we do.

I found out my answer at Google's Answers section. http://answers.google.com/answers/

You have to pay though. I paid $2.30 to know about yawning dolphins, but I really wanted to know, plus I wanted to see if Google Answers really work. : )

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