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(no subject)

James, in a typical conversation that began with "Smell my finger!" and ended with "Pardon me while I kiss the sky!" posed the following intriguing question, which answer I do not know.

Do whales have mucus in their blowholes? (Translated from the original James.) And I'd add, do they sneeze? Do they get stuffed up? Is the cloud of spray from a whale spouting in part whalesnot? I sort of suspect that the sheer power of the ejecting air would render any stuffiness moot, but now I'm curious...

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whale snot

Would you believe the irony of this? I just read this post only to go downstairs and turn on the TV to the National geographic channel, just in time to see a beached beluga. And there was plenty of mucus coming out of the blowhole. A lot of mucus. Fortunately the tide came and the whale got free leaving me wondering whether or not that was coincidence or if forces are conspiring to let me know that whales have boogers.

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