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Listening to NPR...they had an hour with a neurologist who was studying hypergraphia--the desire to write!--which is evidentally a recognizeable brain chemistry in some people (she mentioned that it's symptomatic of certain types of temporal lobe epilepsy) and by extension the sort-of opposite, writer's block. While writing was her thing, she mentions that it appears to extend to creativity in general--you get people like Van Gogh who paint pretty much every waking minute in what was practically clinical mania.

The extension of this, of course, is that if the desire to write--and we're not talking just random nonsense on a page, but actual coherent writing--is a recognizeable chemical process in the brain, then presumably it's induceable. The theory is thus that one could induce creative drive--better living through pharmaceuticals!--to either make someone creative, or break creative block, and so forth. It's all theoretical, and I couldn't presume to guess at the legitimacy of the science behind it, but it's an interesting theory.

My brain is doing an interesting tap dance between "YES! Cool!" and "NOOOOOOOO!"
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What if you suddenly got hit with a mega-dose of creativity and wanted to create and didn't have any of the skills to paint it or whatever, so that it was all locked in your head?" Nasty thought. Although I suppose that's what creative types all go through for most of our lives.

Yup. What makes one want to be a painter, or a writer, or anything creative, except for the chance to make those ideas in one's head live at last?

Sanity is no excuse, but why do people feel like they need an excuse? It's not like being creative is some sort of sacred duty (for most people at least - I do know a few who have that kind of relationship with their gods, but those ones seem to actually get on and do it).

I found this discussion via lilairen, by the way.

Oooh, very interesting. I also agree that it's not the ideas, it's the ability to get them out, which makes me feel a little better about the idea of free-creativity-shots, which does happen to bother me. :)

Sometimes I just get sick of all these disorders they keep coming up with, so many that they seem to simply replace 'personality traits'. If you are antisocial, it's a disorder, if you are insecure about your body image, it's a psychological problem with a name. Now, induced creativity? Hrm.

Although I suppose you don't have to look at it in an artistic sense. Someone really creative in, say, a medical sense, would be very usual, perhaps be able to think up solutions that normal medical thinking hadn't come up with yet. Or a really creative scientist.

....and surely I'm not the only one thinking all this would make for a really interesting short story? ;D

Isn't that just another way of phrasing "genius" then, in the medical field at least?

have a safe journey Ursula, hope it's a good flight/drive

Would you mind if I created a syndicated LJ account for Digger? I was looking at the GraphicSmash site, and saw that syndication was available for Digger, but I thought I'd ask you first.

Information on LJ syndication: http://www.livejournal.com/syn

And all your loyal readers can be lazy and just read it from their LJ friends page instead of navigating the GS website. :>

Sure, no problem! Syndicate away!