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(no subject)

I must reproduce this, for sheer amusement. The following was posted to the Digger Forum
over at Graphic Smash, by one Jules:

NOTE: This has not been play-tested!

Nor am I willing to play-test it!

Nor have I really read through it carefully!

Nor am I really even a huge D20 system fan!

*+2 strength (biceps with feet!), +1 intelligence (smarter than yer hack'n'slashing half-orc barbarian), -2 charisma, -1 dexterity (claws pose a bit of a disadvantage there)
Small: As a Small creature, a wombat gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than humans use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
*Wombat base land speed is 20 feet
*Low-Light Vision: A wombat can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
*Automatic Languages: Common and Terran. Bonus Languages: Undercommon, Dwarven, Gnome, Gnoll, Celestial
*+4 racial bonus on saving throws against fear, charm, and illusion-based spells (Hmm... They didn't cut the gems that massive dragon has in its hoard as well as they might have. Hey, where did everyone just go?).
*Special charisma modifier: In normal circumstances, wombats' tend to let their plain speech and rough ways give them a bad impression, giving them their standard -2 charisma penalty. However, in non-verbal aspects, they are quite charismatic, being very cute: as such, if prevented from speaking, but somehow called upon to make a Charisma check, they actually have a +2 bonus relative to their default modifier. (for example, if a naïve human NPC comes across a prone, unconscious wombat, he'll think it's very cute (high charisma); once he treats the wombat and it regains consciousness, and starts saying things like "you cast a magical SPELL to heal me? Well no wonder the wound isn't healed proper!" the wombat's charisma drops back down to its default modifier.
*+2 racial bonus to Craft, Appraise, Profession, Knowledge (architecture and engineering), and Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
*AC counts as +3 if attacked from behind, due to armored rump.
*Special restriction: atheism. Wombats can never worship any deities. They aren't, strictly speaking, atheist, in that they believe gods exist. They do believe, though, that they're essentially always more trouble than they're worth.
*Special restriction: anti-magical. Wombats cannot wield magical weapons, nor can they use magic. Strictly speaking, all classes are permitted to them, but I wouldn't recommend playing a Wombat sorcerer. However, wombats have access to considerably greater technologies than most races, and this partially makes up for their lack of magic (for example, they can't cast "light" spells, but they can break out a glowstick). However, these can only be crafted by the wombat itself or bought in a wombat warren. (a special "advanced wombat equipment" list is needed now, I suppose.) Give a wombat a priceless Vorpal Sword, and your wombat's first response is to try to pawn it off to the nearest unsuspecting adventurer ASAP.
*They get five free feats: Diligent, Lightning Reflexes, Endurance, and Martial Weapon Proficiency: picks, and unarmed strike (as with monks, owing to claws)

Next up--Wombat: The Tunnelling!

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*lol* Digger, the RPG-hero...

*Wombat base land speed is 20 feet
*AC counts as +3 if attacked from behind, due to armored rump.

Oh boy. Those are two sentences that I can tell are not going to be leaving me any time soon.

The writeup doesn't mention a favored class -- I would say Expert. There are only three nonmagical core classes (excluding monks, who are a little too overtly magical even if they're not actually mages), and wombats strike me as too pragmatic to want much truck with the rogue, barbarian or fighter classes.

It bothers me that I can say these things off the top of my head. It bothers me even more that I have many other small nitpicks, so instead of making them I'm going to go meditate on my shame.

Oh, I could see them being fighters, per se. "Tunnel Security Sir, you can't go past without permission." *Thump* "I said you have to have permission." *Whack whack whack* "These Kobolds never learn". Fighters, but in that pragmatic "Zero two Niner" sort of manner, rather than the "What ho! and we'll be histing some ale after we cleave through these rascals!" manner. Pragmatic to the point of fearless, and flat dispassion.


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Hmm, I have been thinking of trying to GM again, although I've never been too successful with it in the past. Maybe this is just what I need! D20 Digger! Wombats and Woolies!

Is that like Bunnies and Burrows, but with pick-axes and more attitude?

Jules here. Thanks! I'm flattered.

I should note, for the benefit of those who aren't privy to the wonders of the Digger forum, that I amended this by adding:

Wombats receive a +1 racial attack bonus vs. Dwarves.

Wombat: The Tunneling !!!!!!!!


(Deleted comment)

5 feats could be ok...

Given the restriction on magical items, 5 feats could be considered balanced.

Ursula - congrats! When you start seeing GURPS, Shadowrun, etc stats, you'll know you've really made it.

...dammit, you bastards. Okay, I know nothing about Digger at all, but that's such a cool racial concept with such painfully bad play balance that I had to fix it. *grin*

Like I said, I don't know Digger, so I've gotta ask... is it in fact a magical world, with the wombats thoroughly incapable of magic? Or do they simply shun it greatly, and have a glaring ineptitude? The latter's remarkably similar to one of my own pet races, the Tazidye. Anyway. GEEKWARD HO!

    Small Humanoid (Wombat)
  • +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -4 Charisma. (The stats were already horrendously unbalanced, why not capitalize on that ECL hit? This also eliminates the need for all those feats. ECL +1)
  • Base speed 20', burrow 5'
  • Natural weapon: claws 1d3 (ECL +1)
  • +1 size bonus to attack and to armor class.
  • +4 size bonus to Hide.
  • Low-light vision. (I'd have made them Monstrous Humanoids, but that gives them automatic Darkvision.)
  • Automatic languages: Common and Wombat. Bonus languages: Dwarven, Gnome, Draconic, Undercommon, Terran. (Maybe there was a setting-specific reason to make Terran their language? If so, they should probably be of the Outsider type. Would make sense with the whole anachronistic-technology thing.)
  • Racial weapon proficiency: Wombat Pickaxe. (Exotic weapon, like all the other racials. Create stats for this, has to be superior to available weapons in some way; how about: two-handed weapon, small damage 1d6, medium damage 2d4, 19-20/x3 critical, piercing. This weapon, by the way, makes me drool.)
  • +2 racial bonus to Appraise, Craft, Knowledge (architecture and engineering), and Intimidate. (Profession doesn't seem they're style; wombat hairstylists? Brokers? Maybe, but no better than anyone else. Intimidate bonus offsets the Charisma penalty.)
  • +2 racial bonus to all saving throws. (Takes care of some more feats. +4 would've been an ECL bump anyway, why not make them super-halflings? ECL +1.)
  • Magic dampening (Ex): Magical items do not function properly when in contact with Wombats. Any magical item which touches a Wombat (even as an attack) loses all magical properties as long as contact is maintained. Intelligent items and items in in the possession of another creature are entitled to a Will save against a DC of 10 + the Wombat's character level. Artifacts are unaffected. (It's a lot of bad, but a fair bit of good too. ECL -1)
  • Spell Resistance equal to 4 + character level. Wombats may not voluntarily lower their spell resistance. (ECL +1)
  • Casting impairment (Ex): Wombats are thoroughly incapable of casting spells or using spell-like abilities, and any supernatural abilities will not function. (There are LOTS of ways to gain spell-likes and supernaturals. There are ALSO ways of ceasing to be a Wombat, so it's wrong to forbid them from HAVING magical capability... only from USING it. This is pretty damn big, ECL -3.)
  • Favored class: Fighter.

If you want them to have SOME magical ability (I like it better this way), adjust as so:

  • Magic dampening (Su): As above, except a supernatural ability, and the Wombat herself may also attempt a Will save to keep an item functioning, but at a -4 penalty.
  • Spell resistance: A Wombat may voluntarily lower her spell resistance by making a Will save against 10 + her character level.
  • Casting impairment is removed.
  • Casting ineptitude (Su): A Wombat's effective caster level for spells and spell-like abilities is one half her actual caster level. Supernatural abilities with level-dependent effects also function as if the Wombat were half her actual level. (Rounding down as always, so at first level you got JACK. Note that the Wombat LEARNS spells at the normal rate, just can't cast them. The bit about supernaturals nerfs undead turning, contributing to the "meh" attitude toward dieties. ECL -2.)
  • Effective character level: +1.

Okay, the sad part here is that I don't have a book anywhere near me and haven't played in MONTHS. I am such a dork.

That, actually, is ... pretty much perfect. The abhorrence-and-ineptitude version strikes me as more true to canon -- it still departs from it in places, but it would be playable. The armored rump could perhaps still be incorporated as a 1d3 subdual damage 'rump attack' (since I seem to recall that wombats actually use said armored rumps to club assailants), perhaps even replacing the claw attack. Digger seems more inclined to punch people than to claw at them, but I don't know if it's just her.

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Dang it! Now not only do I want to find a campaign, I want to find one where I can play a wombat!

Hmm. Wonder if we could slap something together for FurCon... :D

Whooboy. I haven't touched a D20 in three months and thought I was going through withdrawal symptoms before this...

For the two cents it's worth... I always considered playing a Wombat character as an Anthropomorphic Badger with a few cosmetic changes. But that's just me. I'm lazy. Incidentally, sounds like someone spent several long days memorising Savage Species... or has it sitting in their lap, much more likely if it was me...

I might just have to open this option to my gaming group, who, incidentally, are all big Digger fans :P Now I just have to pen a Wombat adventure... and a Tunnel Engineer prestige class... and a couple of Wombat items duplicating (tastelessly) magical effects... hmm... Might post it to the web if anyone'd be interested...?

ALL HAIL THE ANTHROPOMORPHIC BADGER! Which, by the way, I gave +2 natural armor. Whoever wrote up the D&D specs for the badger, doesn't know much about badgers. And I gave them a Will save to prevent that blood-rage they inherited from the animal description. The end result, at ECL+3, was pretty damn solid, and quite well balanced.

And then I frightened the pants off my players with the NPC I built. At ECL8 I'd taken two levels of Nomad, two levels of Rogue, and one level of Barbarian. I didn't generally allow psionics in the campaign (because I've never liked the D&D implementation), but I really did like this build... nothing flashy, just feats, divination, a little self-healing, and MOBILITY. That was where I ran overboard with this character. Fast Movement + Burst of Speed + Speed of Thought + lots of ranks in Tumble + Spider Climb + Move Silently + GOOD LORD. The only DM twinking I gave him was one of those natural weaponry necklaces, enchanted with Merciful—kept him from accidentally killing people when raged, but also gave him a hell of a punch. Other than that he just ran around naked.

Shame that campaign petered out. The feel of the character was great... it was like a stubby 6-year-old Odin. Curious about everything, tried to be everyone's friend, disturbingly observant and knowledgable, always showed up where he shouldn't be, and didn't like to fight but good lord, don't push him.

ANYWAY. Not so much several long days memorizing Savage Species, as several fevered hours voraciously devouring it. *grin* I'm far more familiar with the actual mechanics, than with all the prestige classes and feats and such. But in fact, it was NOT in my lap, or even in the house! Thus my lamentation of the supreme geekhood I still so clearly posess.

If you want to use the Wombat, I'd be flattered! And I'd also ask you to wait a day or two, because there appears to be some minor brainstorming in progress and I'd like all the kinks gone. What can I say, I'm a perfectionist. ;>

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