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(no subject)

I must reproduce this, for sheer amusement. The following was posted to the Digger Forum
over at Graphic Smash, by one Jules:

NOTE: This has not been play-tested!

Nor am I willing to play-test it!

Nor have I really read through it carefully!

Nor am I really even a huge D20 system fan!

*+2 strength (biceps with feet!), +1 intelligence (smarter than yer hack'n'slashing half-orc barbarian), -2 charisma, -1 dexterity (claws pose a bit of a disadvantage there)
Small: As a Small creature, a wombat gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than humans use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
*Wombat base land speed is 20 feet
*Low-Light Vision: A wombat can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
*Automatic Languages: Common and Terran. Bonus Languages: Undercommon, Dwarven, Gnome, Gnoll, Celestial
*+4 racial bonus on saving throws against fear, charm, and illusion-based spells (Hmm... They didn't cut the gems that massive dragon has in its hoard as well as they might have. Hey, where did everyone just go?).
*Special charisma modifier: In normal circumstances, wombats' tend to let their plain speech and rough ways give them a bad impression, giving them their standard -2 charisma penalty. However, in non-verbal aspects, they are quite charismatic, being very cute: as such, if prevented from speaking, but somehow called upon to make a Charisma check, they actually have a +2 bonus relative to their default modifier. (for example, if a naïve human NPC comes across a prone, unconscious wombat, he'll think it's very cute (high charisma); once he treats the wombat and it regains consciousness, and starts saying things like "you cast a magical SPELL to heal me? Well no wonder the wound isn't healed proper!" the wombat's charisma drops back down to its default modifier.
*+2 racial bonus to Craft, Appraise, Profession, Knowledge (architecture and engineering), and Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
*AC counts as +3 if attacked from behind, due to armored rump.
*Special restriction: atheism. Wombats can never worship any deities. They aren't, strictly speaking, atheist, in that they believe gods exist. They do believe, though, that they're essentially always more trouble than they're worth.
*Special restriction: anti-magical. Wombats cannot wield magical weapons, nor can they use magic. Strictly speaking, all classes are permitted to them, but I wouldn't recommend playing a Wombat sorcerer. However, wombats have access to considerably greater technologies than most races, and this partially makes up for their lack of magic (for example, they can't cast "light" spells, but they can break out a glowstick). However, these can only be crafted by the wombat itself or bought in a wombat warren. (a special "advanced wombat equipment" list is needed now, I suppose.) Give a wombat a priceless Vorpal Sword, and your wombat's first response is to try to pawn it off to the nearest unsuspecting adventurer ASAP.
*They get five free feats: Diligent, Lightning Reflexes, Endurance, and Martial Weapon Proficiency: picks, and unarmed strike (as with monks, owing to claws)

Next up--Wombat: The Tunnelling!

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ALL HAIL THE ANTHROPOMORPHIC BADGER! Which, by the way, I gave +2 natural armor. Whoever wrote up the D&D specs for the badger, doesn't know much about badgers. And I gave them a Will save to prevent that blood-rage they inherited from the animal description. The end result, at ECL+3, was pretty damn solid, and quite well balanced.

And then I frightened the pants off my players with the NPC I built. At ECL8 I'd taken two levels of Nomad, two levels of Rogue, and one level of Barbarian. I didn't generally allow psionics in the campaign (because I've never liked the D&D implementation), but I really did like this build... nothing flashy, just feats, divination, a little self-healing, and MOBILITY. That was where I ran overboard with this character. Fast Movement + Burst of Speed + Speed of Thought + lots of ranks in Tumble + Spider Climb + Move Silently + GOOD LORD. The only DM twinking I gave him was one of those natural weaponry necklaces, enchanted with Merciful—kept him from accidentally killing people when raged, but also gave him a hell of a punch. Other than that he just ran around naked.

Shame that campaign petered out. The feel of the character was great... it was like a stubby 6-year-old Odin. Curious about everything, tried to be everyone's friend, disturbingly observant and knowledgable, always showed up where he shouldn't be, and didn't like to fight but good lord, don't push him.

ANYWAY. Not so much several long days memorizing Savage Species, as several fevered hours voraciously devouring it. *grin* I'm far more familiar with the actual mechanics, than with all the prestige classes and feats and such. But in fact, it was NOT in my lap, or even in the house! Thus my lamentation of the supreme geekhood I still so clearly posess.

If you want to use the Wombat, I'd be flattered! And I'd also ask you to wait a day or two, because there appears to be some minor brainstorming in progress and I'd like all the kinks gone. What can I say, I'm a perfectionist. ;>

I had brief, fevered imaginings of doing a mini-game and flogging it to Polyhedron, but I think they'd probably turn it down for limited audience capabilities. Heh.

All hail geekhood!

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