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(no subject)

Last wave of donation sketches--including most of the special requests and a coupla didn't-get-the-addresses--goin' out tomorrow! After I move, I'll do a spot check to see if anyone hasn't gotten theirs, but I think I've got 'em all, so the last few people should get theirs in the next week or two.


Someone requested a tapir. I know they did. But to my chagrin, I have not been able to locate the request, so I don't know who asked for it, which means that either they haven't gotten a sketch, or more likely, they got a Digger rather than what they asked for. If this is you, e-mail me, and I'll tapir it up tapir-style ASAP.

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I am going to encounter a restaurant that is selling something 'tapir style', and I am going to back slowly away.

-- Graydon

Some odd part of me can't help thinking 'Tapir Style' sounds like it could be a restaurant name. Or possibly some other business name; a store, for example. A store of Ursula Vernon products.

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